Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Going Free To Play This Week

Following other experiments with free to play gaming, Sony are making the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 3 completely free to download and play. Details are thin on the ground – the information appeared on the main US PlayStation Blog but was quickly pulled from a post about this week’s new releases.

That at least suggests it’s happening this week.


Naturally Sony and Naughty Dog will be hoping users jumping in will pick up some of that DLC, but none of it is really required. This is regularly becoming something publishers are interested in doing as the core numbers start to drop off and move onto other games. Remember Tomb Raider – with a similar multiplayer portion – is just around the corner.

This should hopefully pad out the online numbers too.

I’m assuming that this’ll also mean that anyone buying the game on disk, used, won’t need an online pass – but don’t quote me on that.

Hopefully we’ll get details soon.



  1. Yeah, this seemed pretty inevitable. They’ve been flooding the game with micro transactions for a whole now. At least there’s more people to play against!

    • What are they, just cosmetic stuff or stuff that you really need to buy to have a chance.

      I’m just about to re-buy it as GAME have it for £7.50 or in there 2 for £10 range. And as I already bought it at launch new I already have the online pass.

  2. Hasn’t multiplayer games like MAG gone free in US but not EU before now

  3. Amazing. Easily one of the best and most-overlooked multiplayer experiences out there.

  4. The micro transactions put me off big time and the fact that it is 3 rd perspective. I can’t handle that well in a shooter.

  5. might give it a try if it’s free, not really my thing, as the few times i’ve played the Uncharted multiplayer before seemed to indicate, but worth a shot for nothing.

    not saying it’s bad, just not for me.

    it’s the competitive part i didn’t like, the co-op bits from the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta were fun, if something like that was included i’d be very happy.
    i don’t know if Uncharted 3 has anything like that as i never got round to playing that one.

  6. Haven’t played the game since they introduced those transactions. After a couple of matches where I can’t kill a guy because of he’s buffed items, it gets a little frustrating.

    • This! Lol wasted a whole clip trying kill someone but then shoot you once & you dead

  7. Toldya

  8. I guess anything for free (to people who haven’t already bought the game) is great, although I can’t help but feel if this is successful we’ll have more micro-transactions in games on consoles, which I don’t want.

    Also, due to the Uncharted 2’s successful multiplayer, no doubt some people might have purchased Uncharted 3 purely for the multiplayer, so giving it away for free might leave them with a bad taste in their mouth, despite it’s age.

  9. Great news! I’ve been wanting to play the story for ages, I loved the first two but I’m crap at the multiplayer, having a go for free will be great. Stupid question, is the free multiplayer likely to be in 3D?

  10. UC3 was alright, but the lag was shocking when played when it first came out. Any game with Micro transactions doesn’t get played in my house so I wont be going back to this. I think most were for Camos and skins which isn’t bad, but if it includes guns, then its a massive no no.

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