God Of War’s Zeus And Dead Space’s Isaac Heading To All Stars Battle Royale

Zeus from God of War (and other popular mythology-based stories) and Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke (from Dead Space) are joining the likes of Kat and that bloke with the great hair from Uncharted in Sony’s PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.

According to IGN Clarke plays like Jak, Nathan Drake, and Colonel Radec and Zeus resembles the Big Daddy from BioShock.

Perhaps more interestingly is another stage which is a mash-up (as they all are) of old school PlayStation brand MediEvil and indie favourite The Unfinished Swan.

The previous set of DLC for the game included two characters from Gravity Rush and Starhawk, and was free at launch. This new DLC will release on the 19th of March.

Sony ended their relationship with developers SuperBot earlier this month.


  1. Was going pick this up for ps3 as I enjoyed it on the vita but you need online pass so I wait till it’s plus

    • Why didn’t you just buy the PS3 version first?

      • Wanted the vita version since it was cheaper brand new £25 compared to £40 ps3

    • Trade in the Vita version against it if you have a physical copy- the PS3 version comes with a downloadable version of the game for the Vita for free.

  2. Isaac is great but a second God of War character?

    I wish some other game.

  3. Looks like a great stage, nice that even more content is coming out. Issac is unusual for a game like this but I’m sure it’ll work.

  4. I don’t really understand why Zeus is in the game when they could of gone with a character from a game that isn’t represented at the moment.

    • Because there’s a new GoW game out next month?!

  5. Give us Crash Bandicoot. Me and my children love this game so will buy these anyone know how much more DLC will be released after this?

  6. I liked Medievel and Unfinished Swan so i’ll be avoiding this game.

  7. Sounds cool. Still would rather have Crash Bandicoot next/now tho :( + Wouldn’t mind a small fighting area where you can see then fighting close combat style :P i.e they don’t fly all over the screen & the screen puts out & you can’t see f-all sometimes LoL:D

    • Don’t need to Lol:D everytime buddy

  8. Isaac is a very interesting choice. There are so many possibilities!

  9. Jak is completely different from Radec & Drake. Hmm. Maybe an in-between?

  10. Not to keep banging on about how badly this game is misjudged but….

    My nephew got it for Christmas (and describes it as “like Super Smash Bros”) because he thought it looked good in the ads. He’s found it a touch too difficult playing on his own (which puts him off trying again) and he knows almost none of the characters and settings because most are from game franchises older than his gaming experience (Parappa, Jak, Sir Daniel – even Sly until his new game is out in a month), games that were quite niche and didn’t gain mainstream or western attention (Fat Princess, Toro) or characters from games that are rated as age-inappropriate (almost everything else).

    The only character he has some former knowledge of was Sackboy and the only other characters on the entire roster that he could (or at least, should, according to age ratings) know about are Ratchet and Clank and possibly Spike from Ape Escape (although he doesn’t have Move so the last Ape Escape on home consoles was in 2005).

    So, he enjoys the Super Smash Bros-ness of it in multiplayer but the extra layer of complexity is off putting and he has zero association with almost all of the characters. I spent about an hour telling him stories about many of the characters this past weekend and apparently he has played it a bit since then – showing how important that association is. I’m going to try getting him a copy of some of the R&C games now, too.

    None of this is a problem, if the game is intended for those of us who have been around for a while and know all of these characters. If you’re over 18 and have been playing games for 10 years, then fine. But that’s not the tone Sony took with their advertising (my nephew saw TV ads on some of the kids’ channels) and it’s not the approach the game seems to take, either, with its lower age rating and cartoonish approach.

    So, adding another character from God of War and the lead of a shooter/horror franchise – both rated 18 – seems like another dollop of dumb to me. Of course, they’re mostly cross-marketing ploys but still…

    • Spot on. And this is why it didn’t sell well, but it’s a great game. I’m just not sure who for.

      Me, maybe?

    • Too long didn’t read. Plus you are wrong. :-P

      • I agree Peter. If they want it to be for kids, don’t include characters that are from rated 15 and 18 games. I doubt that kids have heard of Kratos, Issac, Dante etc.. (Assuming that the target is at the 7 to 12 year old range). Sony have got decent selection of child friendly character. Sackboy, Crash, Ratchet and Clank and plenty more(i think). If they wanted it to be for mature gamers, then they should have done it in the style of Mortal Kombat or make even more violent then Mortal Kombat as they have the characters that have been protrayed to be violent. Such as Kratos, Snake,Drake and so forth. They can’t have both due to the nature of some characters.

    • I suppose part of the problem is they don’t have enough child appropriate characters. Activision don’t seem to be willing to give them Crash or Spyro (a shame because both would be amazing) and I doubt Crash would have any more hold than Jak or Parappa. Rayman’s not in there is he? They might let him come in as some marketing for Legends.

      Sony have moved towards a lot more “adult” gaming landscape and, apart from a few examples, the stuff for kids has dropped away a bit. Microsoft never really had much for kids, but they’re exactly the same, aiming for the older market. We get told that the average age of a gamer is now in their 30s and so people are moving stuff towards that age range more. Sure, there’s stuff for kids out there but not of the quality we had when we were younger.

      I think this is part of why Skylanders is doing so well. The toys help a lot, don’t get me wrong, but they’ve made a game that at least seems competent. If Disney can make Infinity a better game then I suspect it will do even better.

      This is where Nintendo are really making things work right now, they’re building family friendly games that are good! Super Mario Bros. is appropriate for everyone and it’s a good game for anyone to play, kids and adults can latch onto it equally. Sony and Microsoft really need to put a little work into this area. I don’t think it will shift a ton of consoles for them but a child nagging that they want to play Crash Bandicoot, or whatever they come up with (please be Crash Bandicoot), is going to factor into a potential purchase decision 100%.

    • I agree, Sony should have marketed it (and designed it) as a more adult fighting game, much like the rest of their catalogue (except the fighting part). They don’t have a large number of child friendly games in their first party lineup.

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