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Diablo Triplo.

Let’s not pretend that I know a lot about Diablo III. It’s the type of game that I usually steer clear of, dismissing it as not being my sort of game. It’s extremely popular though – it sold a reported 12 million copies in 2012, 3.5 million of which were in the first 24 hours of its release. And it’s a PC exclusive, so that’s very impressive.


Because everyone knows it’s only magical if it glows.

Following on from the success of Diablo II, the series’ third instalment had twelve years of hype behind it, so it had to deliver. In many respects it did, with a Metacritic score of 88 and Gamoc scoring it a 10/10 – the best mark we can give – in our own lengthy review. However, while the critical response was positive, many gamers saw the in-game auction house as a failure and the Metacritic user score currently sits at 3.8 due to the backlash.

He summed it all up nicely, reinforcing the fact that this was really something special:

Diablo III is as close to flawless as I’ve ever seen a game get. When the only downsides to a game are the DRM, the server issues after 4.7 million people tried to log in at the same time and a predictable storyline (though one that still resulted in rampant speculation on what’s coming next), I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Blizzard may well have pulled off the seemingly impossible and created a masterpiece that’s a truly worthy sequel to Diablo II. Arguing which is better, Diablo III or its prequel, is asking for trouble, but we can definitely argue that they are on par relative to the state of gaming at their release.

Despite this, Gamoc said that “the storyline really fails to grab you” though continued with “the plot is as deep as the mediocrity goes in Diablo III”, reinforcing the fact that there were very few flaws in the game, the only other problem being the at times poor dialogue.

Fortunately, if your PC isn’t quite up to spec you’ll be glad to know that Diablo III is launching on both PS3 and PS4 later this year, with optimised controls and four player local co-op. We’ll be hearing more about this version at PAX East.

Diablo III seems to be massive, so hopefully you’ve all had enough time to comment on the game.

The usual rules apply – just drop a comment below with your opinion of the game and we’ll round them all up for an article next Monday. You’ll have to write your comment by Sunday, however, if you’d like to be included in this round-up. Don’t forget to write a Buy It, Rent It, Bargain Bin It or Avoid It rating on the end to sum up your overall thoughts.


  1. As soon as Blizzard said “Diablo 3 is coming to the console” it made my day.The only downside is it’s gonna be either the end of the year or next year before i get to play it.*Sobs.

  2. I was never a huge Diablo fan to begin with. I enjoyed D2 and let my brother and the hype around the game talk me into getting D3. To be honest, I enjoyed the first playthrough as much as I enjoyed D2. Maybe even a little more but all in all, it is not a good game and it’s definitely not a worthy sequel to D2. After the first playthrough the game just gets more boring by the second. The point is to grind through the higher difficulties to get the best loot but there was nothing that really drove me to continue playing the same thing over and over again.
    All in all I can’t really recommend anything above a “Rent It” verdict.

  3. I never really divulge into PC gaming but I’m looking forward to seeing it head to consoles, so keeping my eye on people’s thoughts, as I might try it on the PS4 or 3 :)

    • If it turns out to be crap i’ll get it on ps3 that way i won’t spend £60 on a new game for the ps4.

      • so if it turns out to be bad you are still going to get it? :S

  4. Played this entirely through the seamless jump-in/jump-out style co-op with friends. The randomised loot meant it was always worth looking at what was being dropped, the graphics were great, the cinematics were amazing and the gameplay was huge fun. However, the replay value was sadly lacking. I thought it would be the type of game that I would want to play on a higher difficulty for the better loot but as it turned out for me and my friends that was not incentive enough.

    Because of those reasons I’m in two minds between buy and rent but seeing as this is a PC game (which means it’s cheap anyway) and the game was oodles of fun (with friends at least) then I’m going for a Buy It.

  5. Damn you Origami killer,ok quick thinking here…i’ll buy it when drops in price as i would want to get the trophies???

  6. As many will attest, I could NOT WAIT to play Diablo III. I was convinced that my life was pointless until I had beta access but that was where my interest plateau’d.

    I bought Diablo III on day one hoping to scratch a monumental itch, sadly one that I still have today. I played through Diablo II at least fifty times and that was before the expansion pack was released so it’s pretty fair to say that I have every right to slag off D3.

    The problem, the biggest ever problem ever known to man (slight exaggeration) is with the new developers and Blizzards greed. Diablo & 2 were all about the game, 3 is all about the money…..

    Buy it, but beware of the fat cat ;)

  7. Buy it.
    It certainly is not flawless and has had many balancing updates to get it close to perfection. If you want a deep story look elsewhere, but if you like loot and loved Diablo II – get DIII. Pretty much Diablo II with more shiny.

  8. Been playing it for the last 4 weeks.
    It is like gaming crack.
    It has taken over my life.
    My wife hates it.
    Addicted :)

    BUY IT!

    It’s not as good as D2, it IS all about the money and auction house, but it has still sunk its claws in pretty deep.

  9. Mediocre isometric action Rpg at best.A first only in bringing gold farmers into a single player game (ty Blizzard).
    Awful acting,predictable story,little customization and cookie cutter class options.With the only hooks being the age old loot/xp grind which would be far better persued in a more contemporary game.
    If it were a psn arcade game i’d say try it but it’s not so i’ll go with avoid it.

  10. never actually played the game, despite what half the spam emails i get say.

    i don’t even know if my pc could run it, but i’m looking forward to the ps3 version.
    i should see if there’s a demo of the pc version.

    • You can download the starter edition and play up to level 13 for free.. Should be long enough to decide if you like it or not.

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