Facebook PhotoSet Links New Gran Turismo To PS4

Whilst Gran Turismo 6 has been pegged for release on PlayStation 3, there remains speculation that a number of the remaining major PS3 titles will also receive PlayStation 4 native releases following the console’s launch at the end of this year.

Furthering such speculations, one eagle eyed fan has caught a set of Facebook photographs taken at the LM Gianetti garages and originally labeled in Italian “Scansione Per Gran Turismo PS4”.  The album was later renamed “Scanning”, but not before the potential leak was revealed.

It has now been removed.

Whilst the photographs could have been mis-labeled, particularly as development of the PS3 version is presumably in full swing, the retitled album now contained no platform information, leaving the images open to interpretation.

With Polyphony performing mapping and scanning of tracks a year ago would they still be scanning the vehicles at this stage in development?  Or could it be possible that further scans are required for a jump in graphical fidelity?

With a number of cross-generational titles already announced such as Watch Dogs, Destiny and Assassin’s Creed 4, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Sony’s own titles making the leap as well.  It’s worth noting however, that whilst Sony’s Michael Denny has asserted that GT6 will be a PS3 title, as it stands no platform has been confirmed by the company.

Source: GTP



  1. I’m almost certain we’ll see GT6 on PS4, but I think they are cautious of announcing it so they can release it on PS3 first, almost like a GT6 Prologue, and then release on PS4 a little while later.

    • It would make the most sense for a Prologue GT6 on PS3, then the full version on next gen. To be fair I think that GT6 on PS3 will seem more like an update patch for GT5 like a version 3, whereas on next gen it would seem like a brand new full release.
      I’ll happily buy it though whichever version they release!

    • Obviously sales are the overriding factor.

  2. Whilst Sony will want maximum sales from GT6, they’ll also want it as a system seller. I’m hoping it’ll be a PS4 title only myself.

  3. Cross-gen.

  4. Don’t care what system it is on, Alfa 155 DTM being redone…. oh my!

  5. Released on ps3 then released on ps4. double the wonga, or close to it

  6. I wonder if you’ll be able to play cross platform online?

  7. This completely off topic but, since the Red Dawn ad banners arrived on the site, it takes me nearly ten mins to scroll down the article. Im not having this experience on any other website. Anyone else experienced this or is it just my laptop.

    Also another reason why i think its the Red Dawn banners is once i scroll past them and reach the comments everything returns back to normal!

    • Same! Ad stalls my laptop, then when it catches up it scrolls up and down for a few minutes catching up with my inputs

  8. would love to see this game on ps4, would be a must play i think

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