Gran Turismo 6 Confirmed, Will Feature Bathurst

Looks like Polypony are full steam ahead with Gran Turismo 6, then, with Bathurst on the cards.

A YouTube video (of a conversion) is doing the rounds – here – with the video taker getting the info from the developers.


“I study at the Mt. Panorama Motorsport Training centre Bathurst and can tell you that a large team from Polyphony are currently at the track mapping it out and getting all measurements for a new game,” he says.

“They have been there since Monday and we were wondering what they were doing, but found out yesterday who they were and what they were doing because track management told us as their helicopter was going to be landing next to us during the day.”

“I’m assuming they will be there for a few more days.”

Presumably this new game will be for PS4 – or, hopefully, PS Vita.

Via NeoGAF, GTP.



  1. Out in 2027? ;)

  2. Why “or” when that can be an “and”?

  3. No Prologue or cut down demo future equivalent of ‘HD’ version?

  4. My little Polypony?

    • oh god, that nearly made me spill my drink. ^_^

    • Lmao! This made my day. :D

  5. Bet its for 5

    • I thought the same but they’ve previously said it takes them 2 years from capture to game, so assuming they’re telling the truth it’s gotta be a future game (GT6, as said in the vid), surely?

      • Perhaps they have become a little more efficient and it no longer takes quite so long to create a new track.

    • GT5 took so long as it was a total rebuild. 6 will be based on 5 so won’t take as long to develop.

      • True. They had to build a new engine for 5, which takes time. Hopefully 6 wont have any annoying standard cars or clone cars (5 has a million different versions of the Mazda MX5 for example) in it.

      • Yep, all the cars should be premium.
        There’s quite a few Nissan Skylines/GTRs too.

  6. This isn’t GT6 confirmed, yeh.

    • On the vid, the guy who doesn’t know he’s being filmed says it’s GT6… it all depends who he is within the project though

      • Which is why it is a rumour, followed by wild speculation.

  7. Here’s to hoping GT6 is a launch game for PS4

  8. GT5 add on?
    We will be seeing GT6 on PS4 in 2020 but it will be shown at E3 2013 provided PS4 is coming in 2014! -_-

  9. I’d be interested if they’ve done the same at other circuits. That said, Bathurst will be a great addition :)

  10. Vita version (as long as it’s a full version, not like cut-down PSP version) would be great.

    Although a GT6 PS4 launch title…
    You just know it’d stun people.
    It also won’t come out for 3 decades however.

    • and they call me cynical.

      when have PD ever taken more than two decades? ^_^

      • It’s felt like that long though.

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