The Last Of Us’ Length Detailed

Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer, speaking with EvolveEnt, insisted that we can expect a 12-16 hour long journey with The Last Of Us. Although the game is strictly linear focused in terms of its story, if players engage in combat situations stealthily or explore and scavenge the environment we can see the length of the game to rise to 16 hours.

Each title in the Uncharted series never quite reached 10 hours in length even with exploration so this is promising news. Also in the video Meyer speaks about the smart human AI, which can analyse the weapons you wield to see if they can overpower you. Future DLC for the title was briefly mentioned with it strictly only being confined to multiplayer additions.


The Last Of Us is set to release on the 14th June.



  1. Absolutely stunning. Not only informative listening to what he had to say but new clips to enjoy. That forest/woods scene looked captivatingly beautiful.

    I hope, for Naughty Dog, that this ends up being one of the finest games this generation. It certainly has the makings of such an accolade.

  2. When they said it was the longest they had ever made (if im remembering correctly) I was hoping for 20 – 30. Maybe that was unreasonable, but I’m a little disappointed by 12… Looks fantastic regardless, I’ll just have to savour it and replay with different tactics. Can’t wait for this one.

    • 20-30 hours would have been to long D:. 10-15hours is the sweet spot for sp games.(if they are not open world games)

      • I’m not sure. I like long games. 30 may be too long, but 20 would be great. I’m just a little bored of getting really into a game then it being over in a weekend. Of course I’d rather it shorter than unnecessarily stretched out to be long, and i trust ND to know what they’re doing. So I’m sure it’ll be awesome regardless.

      • That’s hammering a game, though. A twelve hour game for me would take the week to enjoy (couple of hours per evening).

      • I like long games but they are generally RPGs. For an action/adventure I think 12-15 is just fine, especially if you pla to complete it a couple of times (unlike RPGs which is one big haul). Suits me fine and plan on making it my first purchase since Assassins Creed 3.

        Shocking… I know.

  3. *looking at list*
    Looking Forward to Game? Check!
    Game Looks Good? Check!
    Game Special Edition Pre-Ordered? Check!
    Game Realeased? ……………


  4. So, with clever AI combined with muppets like me that’s a 20+ hour game! Wunderbar!

  5. I am getting a good ‘Length’ just thinking about this game!!! :P LoL:D

  6. I have to say this is looking better by the day.

  7. Plus another few hours gawping at the scenery and environments, and no doubt i’ll die a few times and have to repeat bits… 20+ hours easily i reckon :)

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