PlayStation 4 Gets Dinosaur-Filled, Unreal 4 Powered “Primal Carnage: Genesis”

Sony has overnight announced a brand new game for PlayStation 4 – Primal Carnage, Genesis. The game, from developers Lukewarm Media, featured lots of dinosaurs powered by Unreal Engine 4.

“From towering behemoths like the brachiosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex to smaller creatures like the velociraptor and the dilophosaurus, there is no doubt that there is something magical about the creatures of the prehistoric world,” says Lukewarm founder Ashton Andersen.

Genesis will be a mix of “linear gameplay and open-world exploration” and will be a first person title, delivered in episodes that will be flexible enough to bend according to user feedback.

The video, assuming it’s based on the graphics engine used, shows off some lovely lighting and particle effects, without giving much away about the gameplay. Primal Carnage: Genesis is part of Sony’s 25-strong list of new indie games, and looks great.



  1. That looks amazing!

  2. Next-gen indie? Sweet

  3. i’ve been waiting for a new version of that t-rex tech demo from the PS1. ^_^

  4. The amount of detail is astounding for an indie title and I’m intrigued by the episodic aspect.

  5. We play as the T-Rex, right?

  6. I’ll be keeping an eye on this. I mean who doesn’t love some good dinosaur action?

  7. T-rexs never died from any form of natural disaster. They just fell on their face and couldn’t get back up. FACT…..maybe.

  8. Oh my looks amazing. Anything win dinosaurs is awesome.

  9. The room itself looked nice but nothing special. However, the T-Rex looked the business although I’m with everyone else with my reaction. Dinosaurs are awesome creatures that turn me into a “cor, look!” child-at-heart each and every time…. before I get eaten.

  10. Yes. Want. Now.

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