Community Chronicle: 31/03/13

I can never quite remember how the shift to and from British Summer Time works. There’s that little mnemonic where clocks Spring forward and Fall back, but that’s a better one if you’re an American and say ‘fall’ instead of ‘autumn.

I think the main thing that’s puzzled me a little this time around is how someone said that today we’d have an extra hour. Except that this is a fallacy of sorts, since today is actually only 23 hours long. He was instead talking about the actual effects of the switching to BST, where we would have the sun setting an hour later than yesterday.

Yeah, that had me confused for a moment.

As Blair said in his BioShock 2 WeView post, it’s been a little over 3 years since his first article on TSA, and this week saw his review of BioShock Infinite going live. So it’s somewhat appropriate for me to ask him to share what he plays all these lovely games on, with some rather… unique results:

Here is my living room set up. There is a TV, a PS3, a Wii U and a printer, as well as some Blu-rays and video games. This is what the view would be like if you had just walked into my living room towards the TV and then looked down towards it. That’s what this is.

Here is what that same set up would look like if you were sitting on the sofa directly across from it. There’s another sofa further back but I haven’t taken a picture from sitting on that, so you’ll just have to deal with that on your own terms.

Imagine if you were sort of sitting/lying down on the floor in front of the TV. Imagine that. That’s the direction I took for this picture. You can see all my Blu-rays nice and clearly now.

I have another set-up in my bedroom where my PC is and stuff so I’ve got a few pictures of that too because I think it’s quite nice. I have speakers and a monitor and a PC (which can’t really run BioShock Infinite that well, so I’ve just set it an image of it as the lock screen instead).

This is what it’s like sitting on my bed. Imagine you’re waking up in the morning and you see this. It’s alright, isn’t it?

This is what it’s like being me sitting at my desk on my PC.

I obviously have an Xbox 360 too, even if I never play it. So rather than sending you on an Easter Egg hunt to find it, here’s where it lives.

Thank you for looking at my home.

If you’d like to share your gaming set up, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

Now it’s time to move on to what you’ve all been achieving this week. I do quite enjoy starting off by talking about my own gaming habits, so here goes. I finally finished Tomb Raider, after taking a bit of a break for a while just hours from the end, and polished off Resident Evil 5 with Bunimomike’s freakishly muscular Chris at my side. God, those QTEs were a pain in the backside, but at least playing with keyboard and mouse made the control scheme a tiny bit more usable!

Sticking with Resident Evil, I hear that MadJunkBoy is moving on to play the 6th game in the series now that he’s endured Need For Speed: Most Wanted’s horrible, save file corrupting, 2GB patch, and managed to nab himself the Platinum. That’s a bit of persistence and patience there, though he did have a helping hand from R1MJAW, who took a break from Tomb Raider multiplayer and getting the fastest platinum for The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts in order to help.

Crazy_Del similarly found time between Lollipop Chainsaw and F1 Race Stars platinum runs to help B_Cambo get past the particularly tricky Trials of Archimedes in God of War: Ascension and let him head on to the platinum for that game. Wolf-OF-chaos, whose TSA ID always catches me out before I check, was also dipping into the God of War universe, taking the platinum for the HD release of the first entry.

Jim playing Mass Effect 3 for the DLC review has helped him on his way to the platinum for that game quite nicely, whilst Forrest_01 wasn’t particularly speedy, but still holds the fastest record for the Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse platinum. A inferior race, our leaderboard curator extraordinaire, has chipped in with his first platinum of the year, for Sleeping Dogs, and ron_mcphatty has finished off Metal Gear HD collection, with a view the platinums down the line.

There’s a handful of interesting stories about the place too, as cam_manutd has finished his run through of The Walking Dead, and now can’t wait for the sequel, but has also finally finished his 10,000 word dissertation on the representations of race and identity in FPS games.

McProley took three platinums and his 3000th troph, with There’s Always Peng from Dead Space 3. Assassin’s Creed: Liberation and Sound Shapes provided the three platinums in question. Of Sound Shapes, he said:

Absolutely fantastic game but death mode made me want to repeatedly punch myself in the groin, for a more pleasurable experience. This is where I have to give credit to Youles, as I just didn’t have the patience for the last couple of levels, so as a birthday treat for him I let him do them for me!

It’s a rather different level of pain, but Matthangzhou has a tale to tell too:

I broke my finger and hand on Monday. Went to hospital on Thursday, the same day my copy of Bioshock Infinite arrived. I was gutted! My hand is in a cast with only my index and thumb moveable, so I’m still trying to get as much time on it as possible. It’s bloody fantastic, even with my wonky aiming now!

Fingers crossed (sorry!) your hand gets fixed sharpish!

Speaking of BioShock, Germanos did indeed finish off his platinum run of the first title this week, so it’s surely about time that he get to work on BioShock Infinite as soon as he can. It’s a wonderful game, and one which a lot of people are playing through right now, with Megamoppy and TheLoneSteven already finishing it.

I hear the ending reduced Steven to a blubbering mess… Luckily, this was after he finished writing the round-up for yesterday!

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. dat patch!
    *shakes head*
    R1MJAW is awesome!! sacrificed himself and installed the 2GB patch just to help me get plat! what a dude!! *applauses*

    • You know me mate, always happy to help … still can’t believe the patch took longer to install than it did to download.

    • That patch sounds horrible, bloody EA!! I’m glad I got the play before it came along. I was a bit on the fence over whether I really enjoyed the game, it was good but perhaps not great, I can imagine such an evil patch could ruin the whole experience for some.

      Blair, nice view of the bowls green! Have you ever had a go? I lived near one when I was a student, they did a student tournament once on a beautiful evening in June 2007 during the South Yorkshire power cuts, it was awesome and I got wrecked :)

      • It’s just the usual ‘put all the dlc in a patch’ scenario. Thankfully I have a bloody good internet connection so it only took about 6 minutes to download (and about 11 minutes to install).

      • u know what they did with the patch?
        they implanted all their DLC into the game! The DLC is ingame but u can’t use it! used 2GB of my HDD!
        no sane company does that!!!!

  2. I did rather enjoy Blair’s little walkthrough. One of my favourites so far.

  3. This is what it’s like being me sitting at my desk on my PC.
    Not strictly true as there’s a picture of Elizabeth and no throbbing, Scottish erection in the foreground. :-P ‘Shopped!!

    • Haha comment of the week for me.

  4. Trials of Archimedes was a cakewalk (Yes I am showing off…. again)
    Very neat set up Blair and I am trying to figure out the background (Window) I know that place……. *Wears a balaclava and gloves.* hehehe

  5. Nice set up Blair, compact and bijou. The X-Box looks like a shredder neatly tucked away in it’s little nook….or even cranny? :D
    Grats to Forrest on his fastest slow plat, I somehow missed that one in the forums :’U

  6. Thanks for the mention Teflon :-) made my morning.

    Nice view Blair. I keep meaning to take photos of my setup, not that it’s particularly interesting.

    • I’m going to quote The almighty Teflon here….
      “DO IT!”


  7. That’s a nice set up, I was going send my set up but I can’t after this now lol

  8. Really happy about the plat in Bioshock, but it will take some time before I can pick up Infinite. Too expensive for me right now.

    30 games to buy left, before I will be ready to post my rig with 200 games at home.

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