Microsoft Studio’s Creative Director Speaks About An Always-On Requirement

Adam Orth, Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, would probably know whether the next Xbox has the oft-rumoured, hugely controversial always-on connection requirement. Yesterday new citations surfaced that pointed to two individual sources saying this is the case, which has caused at least one Microsoft employee to speak up.

It’s worth noting that Tweets don’t always represent the views of an employer, of course, but Adam Orth said last night that he didn’t “get the drama around having an ‘always on’ console”, saying that “every device now is ‘always on’. That’s the world we live in.”

“#dealwithit,” he added.

Well, judging by comments on our site, consumers will deal with it by not really getting very excited about the console. Hardly the most comprehensive market research but remember the Xbox has always had issues with piracy and if all this is true it’s not hard to find reason for doing it.

But, anyway, back to this story. After Adam was queried what this might mean for those without an internet connection, he replied that “those people should definitely get with the times and get the internet,” adding that “it’s awesome.”

“Sometimes the electricity goes out,” he tweeted, “I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner.”

Adam’s tweets are protected but screengrabs of when they were public are available at both the source links below. It’s a very strange situation – although Adam makes no reference to a specific Xbox console it’s not hard to read between the lines, even if we’re reading it completely wrong.

Does this mean the next Xbox will require an always-on connection? No, of course not. Microsoft haven’t even acknowledged the new machine publicly, and everything and anything can change before they do. But it does make you wonder if that was the plan at some point.

And now surely Microsoft has to respond…

Via GAF, Kotaku.


  1. Microsoft are doing a great job at lowering expectations before their big reveal. It would be a good move assuming none of the recent rumours are true.

    Meanwhile that sound you can hear is everyone at Sony’s PR firm laughing their asses off.

  2. somebody in IGN had the best idea.

    put this guy to work in a call centre for an ISP, and not in any kind of supervisory role, manning a phone.
    see what he thinks of always on then

  3. Genuinely can’t see them doing this. I think people might be misunderstanding ‘always on’ – I took it to mean like the PS4, that it will be connected and do updates etc in the background or overnight etc.

    Obviously the other story from this morning (about it not playing games without a connection) throws a different light on it if it’s true.

    Why would MS give Sony an easy win? If they are trying to persuade us to go XBox rather than PS what incentive would locking games to online be to the consumer?

    Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  4. Worth remembering Sony have their own share of undesirable patents (not rumours) like the stopping gameplay to show adverts. My point is I don’t think we’ll know until the console is out.

  5. Something which i don’t think anyone has brought up yet is the safety concerns of many parents when it comes to allowing their kids access to the internet. A few of my friends have bought PS3s and 360s for their kids but they don’t feel comfortable allowing them to connect the console online so an always online requirement will possibly put many parents off when the holiday sales kick off.

    • I agree with this comment. No way will I let my kids online until they are much older or I feel they are mature enough to be trusted – however I doubt many parent will know this information before they buy it.

  6. Well, I’m pretty sure half of Microsoft’s PR team just hung themselves. Great way to sell the next Xbox’s worst feature there!

  7. For me, whether this will be the case or not (always on) this guys is still a door knob. I’ve had intermittent internet for the last few days and have been unable to download my ps+ games since they’ve been available – but it’s not the end of the world, however if I couldn’t play anything on the PS3 because of it it would feel like the end of the world (yes I’m sad). Although I hope he doesn’t get sacked for his views, I hope he gets sacked for his views.

  8. That’s Microsoft for ya. :D

  9. Really not helpful, given the concerns of his customers. What a terrible attitude to take and an arrogant, clumsy way to air your views. But I expect and hope his boss has already told him that.

    I know that it’s hard for non-PR-minded people to know what’s best to say in public arenas but it’s really simple for everyone to know what makes them sound like a nob and avoid saying that.

  10. I like to read in near silence and struggle with articles covering this due to the loud laughter coming from Sony HQ. I even giggled at these tweets, not because they are funny, rather at how stupid they are and the stupidity in voicing such disregard for consumers.

    The ninja sent to take out MS execs making Xbox decisions has just been called back to base. “Don’t worry Raiden, some Adam guy has just done your job for you”.

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