Sony Fixing Broken PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Easter Egg Hunt Downloads

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was available cheap recently as part of Sony Europe’s Easter Egg Hunt promotion. However, if you bought the game the Cross-Buy system didn’t work, and the game simply wouldn’t be downloadable for the PlayStation Vita (despite working fine on PlayStation 3).

Sony have today pledged to get this sorted, apologising for any inconvenience and disappointment.

Those affected will, this week, get a wallet refund for the full amount of the purchase. Then, SCEE will add both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions to the download list “at no cost”. Sony advise that customers will have to delete the faulty entitlement from the portable before it’ll download properly.

“We will confirm exact timings as soon as possible,” said PlayStation’s Fred Dutton this morning. “It is really important to us that the best possible Store experience is delivered and we appreciate your patience as we resolve this matter.”

It sounds to us like this means anyone affected will ultimately get the game for free.


  1. That is great news for anyone who picked it up during the sale. I did a patch today on my vita but i think it was something to do with DLC again.

  2. D*mn, I missed this sale and it was the only one I wanted. Now it even would’ve been free…

  3. Giving it away for free to everyone affected seems incredibly generous. What is it with Sony’s generosity lately? lol

  4. A Broken Easter Egg is always sad LoL:D

  5. Longest Headline – Tagline combo in the history of TSA?

  6. “It is really important to us that the best possible Store experience is delivered”

    Could not help but laugh out loud at that statement

    • Yeah, thought the same thing.
      But why did the new store work good in the beginning and not any more?

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