Adam Orth Is No Longer A Microsoft Employee

In an unsurprising turn of events Adam Orth is no longer Microsoft’s Creative Director. In fact he is no longer a Microsoft employee following the outcry resulting from his tweets where he defended the concept of Always On. That in itself wasn’t so bad but in the process Orth managed to apparently insult the general public and ignore any concerns.

Orth’s actions have led to a lot of negativity for Microsoft, especially since recent rumours suggest the company’s next console will require an Always On internet connection to fully function. Due to Orth’s actions, as well as recent issues involving SimCity, it will take a huge amount of spin by Microsoft to turn such a feature into something consumers will view positively.

This episode enforces just how big Twitter is, and how in our more interconnected world anything you say can come back to haunt you, especially if you manage to bulldoze a carefully prepared PR plan that Microsoft will have had for the announcement. Remember, these days anything you say can be used against you.

The latest rumour is that May 21st is when Microsoft will release information about the next Xbox, though it is surprising the company hasn’t moved plans forward following this period of negativity.

Source: VentureBeat


  1. A bit of a knee-jerk reaction, but it pretty much confirms the rumour though. You dropped your cards, M$.

    • I don’t see it as confirming the rumour, just that Microsoft don’t employ people in seemingly prominent positions who insult their customers.

      • If I was a large tech company, I’d only employ people who insulted the customers. We’d be like one of those pretentious restaurants where they tut at you and stomp off if you ask for salt.

        “What’s that, your console has overheated? AGAIN? *SIGH* well, you’d better send it back then, IF YOU CAN EVEN WRITE ENOUGH TO GET OUR ADDRESS RIGHT. Oh, and don’t drive to the post office: WALK, pudgy.”

      • They do employ these people, they just fire them once they’ve insulted the public…evidently :P

  2. ha ha, well what a plank. He shouldn’t be saying anything on such a sensitive matter. Well deserved in my opinion.

    This also shows that the rumours are probably true. Like Pete_Uk says above, they have now shown their cards. Prepare for a bigger onslaught Microsoft.

    • I really don’t understand how this shows that the rumours are true? All I see is Microsoft trying to avoid a bigger disaster and any future disasters by showing they won’t stand for the staff to be speaking like that in a public.

      For all we know he was one of the people championing Always online, and that they had turned it down for the final time and this was just him sulking about it.

  3. i bet he now wishes his internet had been down when he thought about making those tweets.

  4. I don’t feel bad for him. He made some really stupid comments and someone in his position should know what to say and what to keep to himself.
    The question remains: Was this because he made stupid comments or because what he said really confirms that MS is going down the always on road?

  5. Microsoft to Adam Orth- Your fired Adam, DEAL WITH IT!

    • Haha, I hope he can’t afford the internet anymore :p

  6. Yeah, no sympathies here.

  7. Microsoft have lost it…this perpetual stream of negative news whilst the PS4 enjoys the praise of developers, indie and AAA, is surely a sign for an official response? But they’d rather wait until the last minute before E3 to disappoint everyone…

    • Microsoft have lost nothing. Come E3 all this will be forgotten, I’m sure.

      • unless it turns out the rumours are true of course.

      • Yeah this will just be a small hiccup in the running from E3 onwards. Hopefully this may be the thing to push them to be more hunger again in the coming few months.

  8. Wait? I’m guessing you mean they will announce the next Xbox on May 21st? Releasing it would be a hell of a turnaround ;)

  9. I was still pondering how he hadn’t be fired last night. One of his tweets had #dealwithit in response to the rumours. Madness.

  10. I don’t see how this confirms any of the rumours really, it just confirms that Microsoft don’t want to be associated with employees who insult their customers on social networks.

    I wonder if Orth thought he was a little safe because his Twitter account was set to private, but that’s just not how social media works really.

    • I thought he was public until the fiasco and then set it to private?

    • Yep, I agree. It doesn’t confirm rumours. Only that MS don’t want to be associated with this retard.

      What else could they do?

      • It doesn’t confirm them, per se, but Microsoft could’ve easily quashed any sort of worry on the consumer’s part with a simple sentence or two. However, perhaps there is a lot of truth behind the “always on” speculation and that Microsoft know they now have to tread more carefully than ever as people are getting riled up far earlier than they thought they would.

      • Or they’re just acting as they have been all the time and not wanting to admit anything about a new console until they have there conference, of course they’re not going to say “Don’t worry the next Xbox won’t have an Always online feature” as then that would be their announcement and not the event that they’ve had planning.

        All this stuff was being said about PS4 before it was announced as well and never once did they come out and say that it wouldn’t have it, so why do you think Microsoft would.

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