Defiance Players Compensated After Unsteady Launch

Trion Worlds has issued an apology to the founding players of its massively multiplayer open-world shooter, Defiance.

Since launch, users have been reporting a number of issues across all three versions of the game. Though some of these problems have been remedied over the past week or so, others remain.


To compensate players, Trion Worlds has issued a cluster of Boosts to each and every player as well as an exclusive title: Daredevil. These Boosts will activate when Ark Hunters next log into the Defiance servers, offering an increased rate of XP, Weapon Skill, Loot, and Scrip (the game’s primary currency.)

We’ve been playing Defiance for the past few days and, though impressive in some respects, a barrage of bugs and glitches are definitely holding it back at the moment.

Expect a full launch report and follow-up in the near future as well as our review of the Defiance TV pilot which airs on April 16th, exclusive to SyFy.



  1. I’ll be watching the premier out of interest. Intrigued to see what impact the game will have, if any, on the TV show.

  2. Nice thing of them to do. There has been a few bugs and glitches, but nothing to serious that I have experienced. Have had a blast with the game since launch and can see myself playing it for a long time. Can’t wait to get the show started.

    • During some sessions everything has gone swimmingly but others have been plagued with bugs.

      For instance, when playing this morning, for a good five minutes I was unable to reload, shoot or access menus. From time to time I am also prevented from using the square button (to reload or activate objectives.) It’s not game-breaking but definitely brings the whole experience crashing down sometimes.

      • Yeah, when you mention it I’ve never had problems with reloading, but pushing Square on obectives has been a bit unresponsive at times. On rare occasions, my gun is invisible, but my characters arms are positioned like he’s holding the gun regardless. Usually comes back within a few seconds.

      • Have to say I had that exact same problem in the Beta

  3. Very tempted to pick up Defiance, really enjoyed the Beta.

  4. I’ve played a fair bit since getting it on launch and I’ve had very few problems. One time I couldn’t log in for 5 minutes but that’s it.

  5. I’ve been playing it too, and mostly the issues are niggling – no map or access to stats for a min, or weapons and HUD vanishing. I seem to lose connection more than I’d like (I’d like to never lose it, but losing it less than I currently do would help). However, my biggest gripe is when I start a story mission (one with a cut scene), it is often that moment I lose connection and miss the cut scene. I usually have to restart, abort the mission, and begin it again.

    Makes me wonder if the game’s development suffered because, unusually, the game’s development deadline was set by the launch of the TV series.

    Still think it’s a great game though.

  6. If this was published by EA, the Internet would shred it to pieces :)

  7. Don’t get me started on ea, im still fuming about the new tiger woods 14, or as it is unplayable at all (keeps freezing every single time I start it up) my new favourite coaster for my tea mug.

  8. Quite fancy picking this up, but really can’t justify the purchase as I have a backlog of games that would choke a whale.

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