Xbox LIVE Down, Microsoft “Doing Everything They Can”

If anything should highlight the danger of having a console “always on” it’s this: Xbox LIVE is currently down. The current status of the service says that “users may experience difficulties with … signing in to Xbox LIVE” which is about as crucial as it sounds.

Now, obviously, nobody’s saying 100% that the next Xbox will be always-on – there are rumours, but until Microsoft say it they’re exactly that: rumours. But if it’s true, and Xbox LIVE does go down next gen, potentially that’ll mean that no games will boot, at all.


“We are still hard at work fixing the issue members are having signing in to Xbox LIVE,” says the company. “Rest assured we have every available resource working on fixing the problem. Thank you for your patience and keep checking back here every 30 minutes for an update on our progress.”

It’s worth noting that the way Microsoft has some of its apps (like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and YouTube) behind the Xbox LIVE paywall means that those won’t currently work either.

Hopefully this won’t last too much longer and at least there’s the service update page so that users can keep an eye on progress – not that Microsoft’s frequent updates haven’t halted the obvious jokes appearing. But this timing is all too cruel given the events and rumours of the last few weeks.



  1. Wow. Love the twitter comments on the above link. It’s amazing how defensive some people get. Would find live being down quite funny if it didn’t mean I had no access to live! It means no lovefilm tonight.

  2. At least it means I can catch up on Mark of the Ninja…

  3. I bet its a Ddos. There’s been a few on Saturday nights. Must be when they all get together.

  4. If only Adam Orth was here to reassure us this is the way of the future…

  5. That’s very keen of them to imply they’ll be posting updates with such frequency that its worth checking back every 30 minutes.

  6. Shouldn’t someone say #DealWithIt

    • Like the subtitle of this article?

      Yes, probably.

  7. If i paid Microsoft to provide me with that service and they couldn’t then i would be pissed, at least when the psn goes down i dont lose out financially, even if the MS equivalent is only a few pennies, it is the principle that matters, and as the article rightly points out, it is not a good avert for next gen if the rumours are true.

    Also if you watched all my content through Xbox that is potentially a big chink of cash you are paying and being unable to access it is unacceptable imo – Netflix, Sky, Lovefilm, that could easily be over £50 a month and essentially the box is useless for that, not to mention other services like spotify.

    • Yea but lets face it psn is a pile if shite.that is constantly under maintenance.wouldnt mind if the maintence have been using live since it started and can count on one hand how many times it gone down.

      • I can honestly say I havn’t had any major headaches with PSN. The maintenance never really affects signing in and gaming online for me. Suppose it’s luck of the draw =)

      • wonkey-willy Translation: I use Live and not PSN so my comments aren’t based on real world experience, rather an assumption based on some interwebz articles I’ve occasionally read.

        I’ve been using PSN (free) for 6 years, and I can also count on one hand the number of times it’s not been available to me. That includes April 2011 as one finger of course ;).

        Did I Mention free? Did I mention non-PSN apps don’t rely on PSN to be up? (No, but I should have). I’ve also paid for live several times, and each time I’m left wondering why I bothered.

      • It’s hardly a pile of shite. Yeah it has occassional maintenance which usually only lasts for several hours……but seeing as it’s FREE, we can hardly grumble.

      • PSN has been vastly improved since launch days, good on sony for keeping it free all this time as well, it would have been easy to say its unsustainable and make people pay, but they havent, they have provided a fantastic subscription offer (which i havent taken up) to erncourage users to fork over their cash.

        The maintanence can be an issue but they mention it well in advance and the other services are not affected by it.

        Not being a live user i can’t comment on the service specifically, but regardless of how good/bad it is if you are paying for something you expect to have access to it no matter what . I pay for a mobile phone contract, if they dont provide coverage then I have been short sold, end of…

  8. It was a bit of an annoyance not being able to log in for a few hours last night, as i really needed to use the web browser (had some angry emails to deal with, lol), but it was’nt the end of the world and they dealt with the matter promptly enough i felt.

    But having said that, it did highlight just how dependant i’ve become on the internet ‘just working’ all the time, i can manage to function fine without it, just some bizzare part of me nagging away that i’m paying for this, why is’nt it working?.

    I had a quiet word with myself, realised i was being utterly selfish and we’ll never speak of this again. :-)

  9. Just ‘Deal with it’ & ‘P(L)AY More’ :D

  10. ^^PSN^^

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