Microsoft Hints At E3 For 720 Reveal, Sells 1.3 Million 360s In The Last Three Months

Microsoft’s Financial Year 2013 Quarter 3 earnings conference call is going on now, and with most listeners keen to see whether the platform holder mentions anything about next-gen hardware, it’s an interesting discussion.

The company announced they’d sold 1.3 million Xbox 360s in the last quarter, which is impressive indeed, but it’s on the subject of their next console that news is thin on the ground.


Of course, they’re not going to announce the 720 right now, but there are hints that suggest a reveal isn’t going to happen any time soon. “The Xbox has great momentum,” said Microsoft. “With E3 only a few months away, we look forward to sharing more soon.”

Rumours previously suggested a May reveal for the new console.

Chatter about the next quarter also suggests a potential release date. A brief mention of the company’s Entertainment and Devices Division (which posted revenue of $2.53 billion) was followed by an expectation that revenue will grow “mid teens” in Q4.

Research and development expenses – which could be interpreted to be focused on Xbox 720’s still-secret innards – reached $113 million.

The company added that Xbox LIVE now has over 46 million members.



  1. Xbox Live has 46 million members but there are, what, 90 million Xboxes?

    • No, it’s about 75 million Xboxes sold, and the same for PS3s. No idea how many of each still work though. They don’t say if those 46 million Live members are active or not (ie: silver vs gold). For instance, I have a Gamertag, but I never use it. I also have three PSN accounts but regularly only ‘use’ one.

      PSN at the time of the breach had 70 million accounts (a number that was used and abused several times over), but it’s likely half of those were dupes in other regions.

      • They also might be grabbing stats from Windows Live. I bought Dawn of War 2 a few years ago and inside was a leaflet indicating that for multiplayer I’d need an Xbox Live account, which I signed up for and I assume works across the board on Windows and XBox. Don’t know where in their stats it falls though.

      • I set up a Live account when I first got an Xbox but only used it for the free three month period. Haven’t used it for over three years but still get sent promo emails..

    • Pretty much ever owner has bought a replacement, be it a failed one, or to replace a noisy one or a disk scratching one.

      In short, Microsoft have benefitted nicely off making the early consoles really unreliable.

      Don’ forgot that number includes silver Xbox Live too, so it’s only 25m PAYING XBox Live Gold subscribers…

      Seems like Microsoft have flopped this gen too, despite all the noise they make.

  2. So does that mean Microsoft’s Financial Year Q4 will be between now and the end of June? Seems odd to predict the massive growth for then. Or have I got the whole quarters thing messed up like I usually do?

    • Q4 is normally end of December/start of January to the beginning of April.

      • Why though were they just having their Q3 earnings conference call then?

  3. E3 would be better for them now that Sony rumours say something is happening on the 25th May, that would overshadow any reveal they were intending to make.

    Makes sense for Microsoft really. I just hope Sony know exactly what they are doing but not revealing the PS4 at E3 too. Although it could be a good chance to show off all the quality games they might have for it.

  4. I think it would work out better for Sony if they done their reveal before E3 as they could then concentrate mostly on game reveals when E3 comes around. Also, that would mean they wouldn’t have to share the limelight with Xbox if it’s revealed at E3.

  5. I’m not surprised they have just sold 1.5million Xboxes due to their lack of support for the console in terms of gaming. Apart from exclusived content, which is usually timed, there is not much support. You could argue that they are diverting all their resources to the 720 but that would be a mistake as they risk driving away their current customers. Sony understand this and have managed to continue to support the PS3 whilst working on the PS4 so why can’t MS? Although, if the rumours that we have heard about the 720 are true, it will be dead on arrival due to most gamers refusing to have a console that requires you to be connected just to boot up a game.

    • Sony have a huge network of first party developers compared to microsoft!

      It would be quite amusing if microsoft announce the nextbox needs an always on internet connection, the room will be either silent or erupt into booing

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