Sony Trade Marks “The Order: 1886” – Possibly Guerrilla’s Next Game

We know that Guerilla Games are working on things other than Killzone. Despite being hard at work on Shadow Fall and presumably providing plenty of assistance on the Vita spin off, Mercenaries, they’ve hinted at new IP in interviews going back for months.

Now, we might have a small indication of what that might be. A name, at least.


Sony has registered a trade mark for “The Order: 1886” via its American office. But, with some digging, the same trade mark was actually filed in Europe last month. That filing was made by Sony’s Benelux office – the region that houses Guerilla Games’ Netherland’s headquarters.

So, we have a name and we have some evidence that it might be linked to the Killzone developers. And that’s all. Let’s not let that stop us speculating a little bit though!

1886 was the year that the first world chess championships were held so perhaps they’re making a gritty reboot of, er, Chess. Nope? Well, it was also the year that Burma was given to Queen Victoria for her birthday. Maybe Guerrilla is making a game about gifting entire countries to fabulously wealthy monarchs? Probably not that, either. Well, how about – and I’m quite excited about this one – 1886 was the year that Apache war general, Geronimo, finally surrendered to the US troops who had been chasing him around Arizona for thirty years? Probably not that, either.

“The Order” makes it sound like it might have slightly occult overtones. Maybe “1886” refers to the number of trade mark reports we’ll have to make before E3 this year?



  1. Maybe its some kind of porn related game and you have to guess the order in which Ron Jeremy managed to bed 1886 women.

  2. I just hope it’s not another shooter…
    When will Sony finally get a first party studio to work on an action adventure that can rival Zelda?

    • You mean after the one designed to rival Smash Bros worked out so well? ;)

      • Well… You have a point, but I never considered Superbot as a real first party development studio. At least not one with a proven track record…

  3. Its no where near the Middle Ages. disappointed already.

  4. Hang on.. something else was called 1886.. another game… something that got cancelled by a big developer? Ubisoft perhaps?

    • Ano 2070? Close.

    • THQ Montreal was working on something called 1666 before that all went nipples-skyward.

  5. 1886 is 2 years before Glasgow Celtic were formed, so maybe it’s a footy manager type game where you’re one of the founders of the club. You could get to be the very 1st manager of the club & create a team from some absurdly named players…….then again, maybe not :D

  6. Gladstones Home Rule bill 1886 the Orange Order (Protestant Fraternity)?

    (The) Order reference:1886, Comedy breasts, size large-Currently out of stock….?

    Whatever it really is, bet it won’t come close to the speculation of what it could be relating to…

    • Gladstone’s Home Rule bill of 1886 was defeated in parliament and the Orange Order has existed since much earlier than that, just before 1800, I think. They didn’t have much (if anything) to do with defeating the bill, I don’t think.

      You’re right though, it could really be just about anything. But I love a bit of historical-based conspiracy ;)

  7. Clearly a game about the invention of Coca-Cola.
    Although the Geronimo idea doesn’t sounds too bad. The last days of Native American tribes fighting the U.S government could make a really interesting, political, heartbreaking story for a game. If handled with the care and respect that period of history needs.

    • Yes, this idea has settled in a bit with me and even though it’s very unlikely to be anything at all to do with this filing, I think it would be amazing to see it explored by a videogame.

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