Community Chronicle: 28/04/13

It’s been a rather luscious week of gaming for me. First I really pummelled Guacamelee, then was enthralled once more by Thomas Was Alone (and I loved playing through it again with the commentary track on), and then I’ve been giving Dead Island Riptide what for with Bunimomike and RyanMartin!

Awesome stuff, but I’ve taken a break from the action to write all this up for you guys.

Less of you, thank you very much, and more of Youles, if that’s alright. It’s time for the old man to show us where he plays game. I say old, because didn’t you know it was his birthday a few weeks ago? He’s positively ancient!

Lets see what he has to say for himself:

I always said I’d send my collection in, I’m just sorry it’s taken so long!

Anyway, first off I thought I’d surround my downstairs gaming habitat with all my big Collectors/Limited Edition stuff. Some of these make the 40″ screen look small!

I also have a reasonable collection of Limited and regular edition guide books, most of which aren’t used and are still sealed.

Finally, my other PS3 games and usual place of gaming. I’ve still got a decent amount of tin/limited/collectors editions there too, and of course my accessories and Vita. I have a few duplicate games since I had two PS3s before my fatty died (it still hurts) as my wife and mates could use the other console for some co-op/multiplayer gaming sessions.

I also have all the Band Hero gear and the Jay-Z/Eminem Edition of DJ Hero, but I didn’t have time to grab those. I’ll also have to save my Nintendo, Amiga, PSP, PSone and PS2 collections for another time!

Quite a lovely little set up there, and I’m sure some of us would like to have a gander at your older collection too. Next week we have a gaming rig perfectly tailored to its owner. Can you guess who it will be?

If you’d like to share your gaming set up, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

So, as I said, I gave Guacamelee a good kicking, making sure I’d collected all the goodies and explored every nook and cranny before I went up against Calaca. So, I got the alternate ending, and it’ll be a hard run through next. Then I played a little Thomas Was Alone, which I quickly got 100% of the trophies for, embarked on a second play through for the commentaries, and mucked about in Benjamin’s Flight, getting top on the speed leaderboards for all of the first 20 DLC levels at the time of writing!

Two excellent games which I heartily recommend.

You lot have also been quite busy, with Youles taking the Guacamelee platinum trophy, as well as djhsecondnature accidentally slipping and doing the same. Youles also went back to Drinkbox’s previous game, and finished off Mutant Blobs Attack, got his international debut on New Star Soccer and finished off the Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC with McProley.

Sadly, he didn’t enjoy that much, and it seems that DS3 has lost some of its enjoyment for MadJunkBoy too, as he finished another run through on his way to the platinum. Tactical20 also finished Dead Space 3, but it was for the first time, so he had a good time. The same can’t be said for Aliens: Colonial Marines, which he also finished.

There’s a bevvy of platinum trophies, as Taylor Made took Sly Cooper 2, Gaffers101 nabbed Tomb Raider, and Avenger polished off both Gravity Rush and Unit 13 on PS Vita. The list continues on, though, as Wolf-OF-Chaos went for the Uncharted 2 platinum, on his way to 4,500 trophies.

Speaking of which, BlackRedYellow hit 5,000 trophies this last week. Unfortantely he either didn’t write what it was, or I’m being particularly blind, so we can’t tell what it was! Still, a fantastic achievement.

R1MJAW’s persistence with Guacamelee is equally fantastic, as he embarked on another speed run, plonking himself up in 9th on the leaderboards for the time being. He also took the fastest for The Shoot, as McProley laid claim to Virtue’s Last Reward, Freezebug took Hitman Contracts, and element666 found time to go fastest with Lego Lord of The Rings alongside finishing off a run through of Far Cry 3.

B_Cambo’s been busy, working with Crazy_Del to take the Lord of The Rings: War in The North fastest platinum, Del just moments behind, as well as the Ratchet & Clank HD honours.

Whilst all this has been going, KeRaSh has bought himself a 3DS, and started working on what is now quite a catalogue of games for the console. His first conquest has been Super Mario 3D Land, where he just needs one final star, which he’s avoiding on purpose, to have completed the game.

We round things off today with a special treat from An-dz:

A Warlord class titan, built on a Minecraft modpack by me and my two friends Mike and Rory ( who actually did most of the work). This is unfortunately the best shot I can get of it at the moment, as the density of it makes my laptop cry.

A nice one for 40K fans, current and lapsed!

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. I now wish I didn’t send in my rig if I knew it was going be after this madness! Some serious gaming collection there wow! Nice set up Youles.

    Guacamelee has to be the most painful platinum, the sierra mountains & Yule tree orbs holy Molly!!!!!

    • Cheers mate! ;)

      Yeah…the last part of the tree (with the spinning spiked-balls) could potentially make you want to break your Vita!! :O

    • Shhhhhh….. Spoilers! Now everyone knows who is next week!

      • I don’t think anyone saw, just act natural & don’t draw attention :)

      • Silent Assassin rating downgraded to greengrocer, alarms sounding, the games up. :P

  2. Nice setup Youles.

  3. Cracking set up Youles, awesome to see GT5 signature edition take pride of place, I didn’t realise that you had the ultimate version!
    Judging by the quantity of games divided by platinums apparent on your trophy card, I’d say that’s a top backlog bud :P
    Didn’t think Tef would pick up that fastest Contracts plat, I only posted it yesterday and wasn’t sure if it was an unclaimed listing anyhoo! ;)

    • Sshhh, we don’t mention the backlog, lol! ;)

    • Normally I collate during the day, but this time you were lucky, and I was keeping the poor lonely old bunimomike company in Riptide… So it wasn’t until past midnight that I wrote this.

      Also, I was busy getting fastest times on Thomas. :D

      • Two articles past midnight in 2 days? Now thats dedication!

      • That’s Riptide for you!

  4. holy s**t
    that’s an impressive collection mate!
    but i will deduct a point merely because they are not in alphabetical order like mine and R1Ms.
    sorry mate that’s how we roll!

  5. nope point given back they are lol.
    welcome to the club..

  6. As always, thanks for the mention tef! Love your setup Youles, I’m just sad i couldn’t get round to do the nudey modelling you asked me to do ;) Oh, well perhaps I’ll use your retro collection to teasingly cover my modesty for you when you get round to snapping that :O

    • Oh, loving that Titan by the way! Great stuff! Shame its Ultramarine though. Do they still do the Epic scale games? I remeber they had a few 40k scale ones at a Games Day i went to years ago. They were huge!

    • Would have brought a whole new meaning to photo bombing…

    • I know, that was a shame…..but we can do it for the retro stuff – we could use one of my Amiga’s floppy discs to cover your floppy manhood!

  7. I think you win at collecting Collectors Editions Youles! I hope you leave them out all year round now :)

    Trophy number 5,000 was an insignificant Bronze in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning so I didn’t advertise it. Still, glad to have reached it!

    • Sadly not, although in 20 or so years time when my boys leave home, I’ll convert one of theirs rooms into an epic gaming room…..this way, they’re still likely to come and visit their old man too! ;)

  8. And thanks for the tables AiR! :D

  9. Cheers for showing my rig/collection Tef! I’ll photo all my other bits for when you’re having a dry week! ;)

    And cheers AiR for the leaderboards!

  10. Oh, you have the PS3 headphones. Quite good, aren’t they? I think most people don’t know how good they are :)

    • I have the same set. They’re great! The mic is also really clear on them as well.

    • Yeah they are great, I even imported mine as I couldn’t wait (and it was slightly cheaper). Much like reviews said, the build quality isn’t great on the mic part, but otherwise it’s awesome – I can hear sounds I never knew existed!! :)

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