Watch Dogs Will Include 60 Minutes Of Exclusive PlayStation Content

Much like Assassin’s Creed IV, Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs will include sixty minutes of exclusive gameplay content on the PlayStation 3 version.

The news comes via the game’s box-art, revealed yesterday. It doesn’t say what the content will be but it’s likely that the same bonus gameplay will also carry over to the PlayStation 4 version.

Watch Dogs was yesterday confirmed to be releasing towards the end of November, prompting many to assume that’s when Sony would be releasing the PS4.

Update: Ubisoft have confirmed that the extra gameplay will be available on the PS4 too, via a PlayStation Network download.


  1. Mmmm,interesting.Good ol Ubisoft always pull through with the good stuff

  2. Nice one, this is looking good.

  3. End of November. I now know what I’m wanting for my birthday. Hopefully PS4 will release between then and christmas to make my birthday even better.

  4. 60 minutes might not go very far in a game like this but it’s nice to get something extra all the same. Can’t wait!

  5. The AC3 “60 minutes Gameplay” took me 15-20 mins so hopefully its a bit more in depth :)

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