Watch Dogs Release Date Announced, Will Be Available “At The Launch Of PS4” – TheSixthAxis

Watch Dogs Release Date Announced, Will Be Available “At The Launch Of PS4”

TheSixthAxis is happy to reveal that the rather lovely looking Watch Dogs (or Watch_Dogs, if you like underscores) will be released on November 22nd in the UK on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

The press release says that it’ll also be available at the launch of PlayStation 4 and is “also planned for other next generation consoles”.

Ubisoft revealed four different editions, “offering a variety of digital and physical content” which are the “Dedsec Edition; the Vigilante Edition; the Uplay Exclusive Edition and the Special Edition.”

Details of the different editions can be found here.


  1. No mention of a PC release? I’ll probably hang on until the PS4 release then, I think I’d just be disappointed with the PS3 version after seeing all the nice looking videos and screens.

    • Has a PC logo on the pre-order screen :)

    • PC is lead platform according to an earlier report.

  2. Still can’t figure out the PS4 release date from that, could be before or after that date who knows.

    • They said it will be available when the PS4 launches. That would indicate that the PS4 will come out on the 22nd of November or later but definitely not before that date.

      • Yeah but launch doesn’t always necessarily mean day one in some cases.

      • If it can be taken literally, then “at” launch would mean what I think it means. If it was not the case they could have said “around” the launch time frame?

      • But they said that all Assassins Creed IV versions will release at the same time and that’s out on 1st November in the UK.

  3. I’ll wait for the PS4 version then. Worst case scenario, the console is too expensive for me and I’ll eventually play it on the PS3.

  4. What are these next generation consoleS they speak of?

    • As it says “PlayStation 4 and other next generation consoles”, there’s the nextbox and ….? who knows.

  5. Watch Dogs>GTA.

    • Certainly looks infinitely more interesting.

      Then there’s the stuff which hasn’t been detailed yet like the shared ‘instances’ online where your single player campaign can overlap with other people playing their single player campaign

  6. I’ll be picking this up along a shiny new black box from Japan then.

  7. I like the look of the Vigilante edition. I’m not really a hat guy and the moth piece would be great for winter sports, which I gave up years ago…

  8. The real next gen Nintendo.
    It’s coming i tell ya.

  9. I have this on pre-order for PS4, now I may have to change it for one of the special editions.

  10. If I can actually start saving *Searching for pennies inside my Sofa*
    I’d get the PS4 with it. Saw the trailer/gameplay far too many times. Simply stunning!

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