It Looks Like The First Two GTA Games Might Be Coming To PSN

The ESRB is a regular source of information on releases that nobody else has started talking about. This time, it’s the rating information for two seminal games that has slipped out – Grand Theft Auto and GTA II.


The two games are listed as being compatible with PS3, PSP and PS Vita so the most logical explanation is a PSOne Classics release. There surely aren’t many games more deserving of that “Classics” moniker?

This makes quite a bit of sense, given the marketing that will inevitably lead up to GTAV’s release in September. The other GTA games are now available as PS2 Classics on the PSN so the release of these first two would fill a significant gap in the back catalogue’s availability.

They’ll also be a great fit for the Vita.

No word of GTA London: 1969 just yet, but we can hope.

Source: NeoGAF


  1. Oh Peter, you and your crazy stories…

  2. These would be perfect for the Vita. Been a very long time since I played the first GTA.

  3. Good news, I like the relative simplicity of these two titles.

    I think these would be brilliant as a HD remake rather than a straight up ‘Classics’ re-release, the top down style would suit it.

    Don’t forget though, GTA, GTA II & Wild Metal are free on PC

    • Thanks, I didn’t know that….and I nearly bought them in the Steam sale ;)

  4. OMG, I was only thinking recently how I’d love an HD remake of the first GTA (I like the top-down view). Whilst not HD, this would be marvellous, particularly for the Vita!!

    • have you tried Chinatown Wars? Not a remake but very much a similar style and a bit more modern.

      • Yeah I have it on PSP actually, but for some reason didn’t play it much….shame I didn’t buy the digital version otherwise I’d give it a go on Vita (not sure where my PSP is you see).

      • Get on it Youles! I’ve just started it again with the aim of finishing it this time, my only complaint is because of the rotating camera the city is a bugger to learn.

        Also, GTA1 and 2 are free from the Rockstar website and work perfectly on Windows 7 :)

      • Perhaps I’ll buy the digital version ron…I don’t think I can be bothered to carry around my Vita and PSP ;)

  5. I loved these, wasted many hours in my youth playing them on LAN and modifying the assets. I made the police car into KITT including making the red scanner bar for the sirens and changing the sound to be the Knight Rider theme tune. Then did the same thing with the ambulance to make an A-Team van. Great days.

    • ha! You just reminded me that I spent hours modding new textures into Interstate ’76 so that the SUV looked like a Northern Irish Police Land Rover :D

  6. Need a PS3 now.

    • or a Vita or a PSP. I imagine a PSP only costs about £5.60 these days.

      • Or a PC.

      • PSPs are still insanely priced. I traded mine in last week at an indie games store and was given 55quid in store credit. Craziness.

  7. Back when GTA games were actually fun! :D


    • Hahaha! loved running them onto the train tracks!

      • Mike you just made my day just had a flashback of that word. Brilliant back then we never had a word epic but now we can for this game – EPIC!

  9. Would love to see these 2 re-released as HD Chinatown Wars stylee re-makes.

  10. Nice one, better than the current ones too

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