Daniel Radcliffe Looks Set To Star In The BBC GTA/Rockstar Drama

Radcliffe is a pretty rockstar name, but will this actor have what it takes to be a real Rockstar, as he looks to take on the role of Sam Houser, co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, creator of the legendary Grand Theft Auto series?

The drama looks to be based around the real-life battle between Houser and a Miami lawyer who wanted to end video game violence, and is now confirmed to be directed by Owen Harris, who previously directed episodes of Black Mirror and Misfits.


It’s going to be titled Grand Theft Auto, then, even though it’s all about Rockstar Games and this case where activist attorney Jack Thompson took on the behemoth company for glorifying violence through their video games. It should be an interesting tale, but not quite the “Rockstar origins” story we had been expecting.

Based on the book Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto, it’s supposed to start filming on April 20th, with Jame Wood adapting the book for a script and Jim Spencer as well as Mark Hedgecoe in producer roles.

Source: HollywoodReporter



  1. Is this a very late April fools joke?!?

  2. I’m interested in the story but would rather watch a single documentary than a dramatisation which will just drag it out. It just doesn’t sound like must-see tv … unless they are going to pepper it liberally with glorious violence.. ;)

    • The drama documentary thing (which I’m wanting to call a dromedary – I can’t type any combination of parts of those 2 words that doesn’t come out like that!) is something the BBC does quite well recently.

      Doctor Who, Alfred Hitchcock, Monty Python and the great Richard Feynman spring to mind. They can be more entertaining than a straight documentary. And generally actors can say things better than ordinary people tend to speak while being interviewed.

      They can also be somewhat biased. Especially if anyone dead is involved and the lawyers won’t be able to touch them. In this case, I’ll predict they’ll be particularly unpleasant Jack Thompson. Which is fine, because he’s a massive cockwomble.

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