Kojima Working On A ZoE Patch For PS3

Zone of the Enders HD scored a great 8/10 in our review, but there were a number of technical issues in the finished article, not least – on PS3 anyway – some framerate problems.

Kojima have stated today [via] that they’re working on a patch for the PS3 version, which will improve the framerate and make the game visually stronger, although it’s not clear what that latter part means exactly.


The game disk will also be reprinted with the patch in place.



  1. How long has this game been available?

  2. Surprising that this was an issue. Don’t have the game but with the MGS collection, the fixed framerate on MGS3 was one of the most important changes to the PS2 version, in my opinion. Would have expected this would have been sorted with ZoE from the off.

  3. Better late then never.

  4. Still waiting on that Vita version.

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