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First InFamous: Second Son Screenshots Emerge

Excited about the next InFamous game?

Well, the first set of screens have emerged today, seemingly stemming from GameInformer‘s PS4-based blowout and circulated post-haste, as is the norm with these things.

It’s definitely a big step up from the PlayStation 3 games, although that shouldn’t really be a surprise given the PS4’s considerable boost in power.

Infamous: Second Son stars Delsin, who gains his powers after coming into contact with a crash involving a conduit vehicle. His powers are based around an ability to absorb smoke, at least at first.

Expect more on Second Son at E3 next month.


  1. Pretty much the only first-party game I’m interested for PS4, which is lucky because it looks SO GOOD.

  2. nice screen shots there. Looks pretty good already.

  3. Man, those screens look good. Can’t wait to see what Sucker Punch come up with in the final game.

    Slightly OT…..does anybody know if their PS3 profile/trophies carry over to the PS4. Don’t think it’s been mentioned yet, has it?

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