Sony France Locks GT6 For PS3, Wednesday Reveal

gt6 ps3

Last week rumours surfaced of a mid-week reveal for the next Gran Turismo. That turned out to be true, with a large-scale media event scheduled for Wednesday at Silverstone.


The event will cover the future of the Gran Turismo series, and also mention the next stage in the GT Academy line.

Despite official silence on an actual game called Gran Turismo 6, it’s hardly a stretch that the next game will feature on Wednesday, especially after Sony execs have mentioned the game specifically by name. Michael Denny also pointed to a PS3 release for the game, not, as expected PS4.

Read here for more on that.

And then, overnight, Sony France all but confirmed it, with their homepage proudly displaying the PS3 logo next to the 15th Anniversary banner.

Hopefully the event on Wednesday will be live streamed.



  1. I really hope they have way more tracks this time. I can do without a few of the random or useless cars, e.g. Citroen 2CV…. But the fact that there were so few tracks really hampered my enjoyment.

    • They’re not random or useless to the millions of fans of such cars. That’s what makes gt so great if you want to race fast cars you can if you want to race clapped out old bangers you can. It’s all been made to the same level of commitment.
      Personally I’d like to see gt6 prologue on ps3 with the full game a ps4 release.

      • I agree, it seems like a full blown next gen GT game would make a good launch title for the PS4!

      • A prologue release is there to act as a technological test bed, a preview of what’s to come. Having this on totally different hardware to the final full game would be a wasteful and time consuming use of resources.

        So I’d be very surprised if GT6P was on PS3, when GT6 can simply build upon what is there in GT5.

      • DriveClub though.

      • But hasn’t it been said how easy it is to port games to ps4 now with its pc like architecture? That being said couldn’t they build prologue for ps3 then port it all across to ps4 andcomplete on that?
        Any chance of it being cross platform?

      • They could, but again, why would they? They already have the PS3 optimised tech and assets, and the PS4 will give such a step up that trying to grandfather that stuff across will end up with a “premium” and “standard” divide once again…

        As for porting, this should be easier, yes, but they’re not really talking about porting from the PS3. It’s more of a forward looking thing where development is generally simpler and closer to a PC, meaning that devs won’t need to optimise quite as much in order to get the best out of the hardware.

        Porting from PS3 to PS4 will still be a pain in the arse, because of the weirdness of the Cell architecture, but that won’t be the focus of new developments on new engines which have PS4 and Xbox 3 in mind.

    • The 2CV is a classic! If anything, racing games these days need more low-power cars. They’re hilarious in split-screen racing round tracks they should never have attempted.

      But they do need more tracks, hill-climbs and stretches of road that’s not circuits are much needed in my opinion. As an example, imagine the amazing roads Top Gear travel to around the world in GT6.

      • That’d be awesome, get some of the best driving roads out there into the game for some A to B races/cruises/sillynonesense.

    • Whoa what I meant was that with gt5 especially they had a shit tonne of cars but a hand full of tracks which became stale and boring quickly… So they could maybe have dropped some of the cars and spent that development time on tracks….

      I love the whole car encyclopaedia aspect of GT but when it came to actual racing more tracks would have meant I would have played it for longer rather than race the same tracks to death in the fist couple of weeks…

      All I know is personally I was hugely disappointed with gt5

  2. Well they couldn’t really say it’s for PS4 yet can they? ;)
    As for the cars & tracks, race with mates in 2CV’s on a randomised track & tell me you never had fun? :)

    • Er, why not? PS4 is public.

      GT6 is on PS3. :)

      • I get what your saying but they need a few secrets surely? :)

      • They have plenty of those.

  3. I get why they do it on PS3, but I was really hoping for this to hit Vita also.

    • Pretty sure all mainline Vita games will cease, being that it’ll be able to play PS4 games over streaming.

      • I haven’t thought of that, but I guess that’s plausible. Now if Sony only had included 5GHz wifi in the Vita, that would have been nice, I’m a bit pessimistic about how well it’s going to work.

      • What so Vita stops being a console with full feature games because we can all buy an estimated £300+ console just to play those games at home? and Vita becomes a £200 wii u style controller.

        I doubt that’s what they had in mind with the Vita lifecycle, nor making the console completely reliant on indie games.

      • Main reason I think the Vita’s proper launch is yet to come. Everyone will want a Vita as a pretty important but not essential peripheral running alongside the PS4.
        With most (if not all) titles being developed for next gen with Vita access in mind it’d be daft not to want one. Pity that they couldn’t get a head start though with some awesome PS3 integration.
        They absolutely must address memory card pricing though, as a priority!

      • “Everyone will want a Vita as a pretty important but not essential peripheral running alongside the PS4.”

        Nope, that’s not how that works. :) if it’s not essential, support will be limited.

      • Yeah, I should have worded it better. Difficult to avoid freaking some people out thinking that they had to buy a Vita along with next gen in order to play, although it’d be in their best interest.

      • I strongly disagree to that. You would initially have the same problem any console has its first year or two, a lack of games, as the same problem for the Vita.

  4. Would be nice if it included a download voucher for GT7 Prologue on PS4 :-)

  5. A PS3 GT6 would be fine by me :P But what would be perfect would be a GT6(PS3) & a GT(PSVita) & a GT(PS4, maybe a Prologue version at 1st) shown at the GT Show :P

  6. Hadn’t noticed before but the PS3 logo has also popped up on the UK website next to the 15 year advert which has been running for about a week. That’s that sorted and all systems go then…whoop! ;)

  7. 15th Anniversary skipping PS4 and Vita, then?

    Not necessarily. There may not be any titles mentioned, but future plans discussed may mean we see something in years to come.

  8. If GT6 is to be released on PS3 I think it would be better for Polyphony (and Sony) to release it as soon as possible so it will have less impact on PS4 sales.

    • Indeed Cam, sooner the better for me but to be fair I think there are plenty of people pumped for Drive Club as a good enough compromise for a PS4 high end racer.

  9. I’d love to see GT6 on the PS4 but if it’s releasing on PS3 then fuck aye, bring it on.

  10. I’ll go out on a limb and say I reckon this will release on PS4 as well.

    I reckon Sony would be smart to have everything point to a PS3 only release, then drop the PS4 simultaneous release bombshell at E3.

    • Nah, not a chance.

      • Can I quote you on that? :)

        Let’s look at this logically.
        What is potentially stopping a PS4 release?

        a) Current GT game engine is made for PS3 and not PS4
        b) Assets need to be ‘next gen’ level to be worthy of PS4 release for a flagship title
        c) Releasing a AAA on a small customer base will bring comparatively low sales.

        Now lets look at the counters:

        a) Polyphony would have been working on a PS4 game engine since Sony gave them devs kits. Possibly years now.
        b) GT5 premium cars were seriously overdone for PS3 level tech. They are engineered for next gen already. The tracks however vary – but if Polyphony has had their track guys working on updates, they could easily be ready by now.
        c) A simultaneous, cross gen release would see maximum sales. PS3 owners not ready for PS4 would lap GT6 up, PS4 early adopters would lap GT6 up, and assuming GT6 will look and run better on PS4… many who buy GT6 for PS3 will re-buy for PS4 within 12 months when they upgrade.

        Not to mention the dozens of other reasons why GT6 on PS4 would be a massive win for Sony and fans alike. Can you say “console mover”?

      • This tbh. It makes MASSIVE sense to release on both PS3 and PS4. Would be silly not to do that.

      • Agree that premium cars and new tracks have been over-engineered and would be fine for the PS4.

      • How could the online work though for a GT6 on both gens? If they could somehow have integrated cross gen servers then it could be a success but I suspect that they’d be seperate and one gen would effectively kill off the others online section of the game. ?

      • GT6 is PS3. Whether or not it comes to PS4 at some point? Doubt it.

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