TSAtv Newsdesk Special: Introducing Xbox One

Missed the #XboxReveal, or just want to relive it? Here’s a special episode of TSAtv Newsdesk rounding up all the news from Microsoft’s unveiling of the Xbox One – see the console, the games, the UI and more. Enjoy, and please do leave us feedback in the comments here, or on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. Dat TSA intro…[drools]

  2. That was great. Best piece yet, thanks.

  3. So slick. Well done guys.

  4. Thanks TSA for the short version of the new Xbox reveal. I think my friend yesterday summed it up correctly by using something was said at the event: “Xbox go home”. Nothing interesting.

  5. Top stuff

  6. Nice, very slick indeed!

  7. Isn’t it sad when the best part of the vis is the intro by TSA. Says something …
    All I can say, based on what I’ve seen/heard so far, is XboX One? Don’t one(t)

  8. The XBOX One: It’s all fun and games until annoying siblings/parents/house-mates find out its voice activated.

  9. There’s a shorter version of Xbox One highlights here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbWgUO-Rqcw


  10. Wish that I had watched this instead of the real thing.

    • True that, spent almost an hour watching the reveal for nothing. At least the COD dog looked nice :)

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