Developer Diary: Killzone Shadow Fall, The PS4’s Big First Person Shooter

Another video release today in the Conversations series, this one focusing on Guerrilla’s upcoming PS4 exclusive first person shooter Killzone Shadow Fall.

The video features discussion from Angie Smets and Steven ter Heide, and whilst doesn’t feature much in the way of new footage is well worth a look for fans.

Killzone Shadow Fall was one of the first games shown for the PS4 – check out our full preview here and look out for an extended look at the game in the next couple of weeks.



  1. Killzone is my favourite FPS series, can’t wait for this and Mercenary on Vita.

  2. That environment looks so beautiful. It makes me want them to make a game like Prey 2 (is that even happening still?) and just make it an open world, futuristic city. Though that wouldn’t fit in with Killzone I suppose. But it just looks so nice lol.

  3. This & BF4 i want on day 1 :P But only if EA don’t mess me(& PS Fans) about with Exclusive MS stuff :-/ (not that i buy DLC anyway) :D

  4. This does look good, I really hope the MP isn’t as rubbish as KZ3 though. They need to change it back to KZ2.

    • This. I put so much time into KZ2 multiplayer, and I loved it. I thought KZ3 was horrible though. I literally didn’t get past like, rank 5.

      I don’t get why they don’t implement a cover system into the MP though. I know it might encourage campers, but it could be easily tweaked and done well enough. Also they could add a bit of destructibility to it. Obviously it’s not going to be Battlefield, but maybe some deteriorating cover – as the video shows.

      • Loved KZ2 multiplayer didn’t really get into Kz3 multi apart fro the operations game! which I spent a ridiculous amount of time n… shame there was only 3 maps.

  5. Talk of what the ‘power’ of PS4 allows developers to do in terms of resolution, lighting, locations+enviroments, all rather lovely ta, but it’s new, more powerful hardware, so i’d taken such improvements as a given.

    What i want developers to start really talking about, is what the power of new hardware has allowed them to do, in terms of evolving the genre, what new gameplay mechanics and features are they putting in? if it’s a case of poor A.I, same old FPS play, ohh look a boss, destroy weak points, trigger cutscene, then the hardwares potential will for myself been wasted on ‘window dressing’.

    I loved KZ2, 3 and Liberation, 1st was case of decent enough game engine on PS2, but very generic FPS fare, i’d hate for PS4 Killzone to be a return to that, all mouth and no trousers.

    I’d love to see a KZ game set in the years before the events of the 1st game as well, rich potential there, but back on point, so far i’ve heard nothing to convince me this will be a massive step forward in anything other than audio/visual.

  6. Absolutely lovely developer diary. To see that city in the beginning still takes my breath away and it’s so enjoyable to see people (ultimately) doing their jobs but enjoying creating a game as much as this. Bloody awesome stuff.

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