LIMBO Lands On PlayStation Vita Next Week

A tenner in the darkness.

Playdead has announced that their innovative, silhouetted platform-puzzler will grace our Vita screens next week. LIMBO is almost three years old and since that first appearance on the Xbox Live Arcade, it has seen a PC release as well a PlayStation 3 version.

Double Eleven has helped out on the port to Vita, with an uncompromised experience for the handheld. It’s set to be priced at €12.99/£9.99 and it’ll be out with next week’s store update on Wednesday.

Seems like a perfect fit for the handheld, even if you’ve played through it before. If you’re a Vita owner that’s yet to experience the delights of LIMBO, now’s your perfect chance.

Source: PS Blog


  1. aha, just posted about this on the Shahid article.

    Reminds me of Deadmau5 – the Veldt video (or perhaps he got it from Limbo.

  2. Didn’t get the opportunity to pick this up on plus, they removed it quickly before I had the chance. Hope there is some plus discount

  3. Does anyone know whether this is actually cross buy?

    Questions are asked on the blog but no response. I have the PS3 version, but 9.99 for another copy of the game is a waste.

    • Apparently it’s not, which is a shame as I bought it on PS3 but would quite like it on Vita, but I won’t pay a further £9.99.

      • Thanks for that.

        Disappointing as the game would have been good on the Vita, but the extra cost isn’t justifiable especially with it being 6.99 on Steam and probably a whole lot less come the summer sale.

  4. I’ve never played this, although I have been interested.

    Is it worth £10 though?

    • Probably not in terms of length….might be worth seeing what it’s going for on Steam. It is a lovely game, but quite pricey I’d say and doesn’t have much replayability.

      • Good to know, thanks Youles. May wait to see if it’s free on Plus like the PS3 version :)

  5. I already own this on PSN, surely I won’t need to buy this twice!?! it’s the least sony could do considering the lack of games coming to the platform.

  6. £10 seems a little steep to be honest.

    • seeing as though it’s released on various platforms now quite a while ago. Pressed post too early.

  7. Amazing game, but a tenner is way too expensive.

    • Agreed, fella. This really needs to be coming out for £5.99 or preferably less. Stunning game too but it’s way too late to the party and the price should reflect that.

  8. Like most people above, i’ve already got it for PS3 and feel it’s a bit too short/expensive to justify buying it again.
    I still recommend it to anyone who hasn’t played it before though. Even though it’s short you’ll die a good few times (each one is a deliciously nasty shock though).

  9. I own it on PS3 and PC already but this is a classic.

    The price is fine for the enjoyment I know I’ll get out of it.

    Terrific game.

  10. Same for me as the Flower announcement, great game but I really can’t justify buying it again just to play it on Vita.

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