Real Boxing Punches Its Way On To Vita

Vivid Games has announced that its boxing sim, Real Boxing, is thumping its way off iOS and Android devices and onto PlayStation Vita. The game will feature the touch controls of the original version as well as physical controls thanks to the Vita’s buttons.

The career mode, character customisation and fighter training have all been brought over from the mobile version and there will also be the chance to take on your friends locally or over the internet in a multiplayer mode. Vivid Games also told Joystiq that there’d be “special tournaments”, although we’re not sure what that might mean.


In career mode, you take your amateur boxer through the ranks with in-game commentary, different fighting styles and loads of customisation options.

The screens look promising – it’s built with Unreal Engine 3 – and it’s a style of game that the Vita hasn’t really seen yet so we’re hopeful for this one. It’s set to be released on Sony’s handheld, worldwide, in August.

Source: Press release



  1. Last boxing game I bought was Fight Night Round 3, and I absolutely loved it. If this appears cheap a few months after, maybe. It doesn’t look bad.

    • I loved FNR3 too :)

      I assume, because of its mobile roots, this will be reasonably cheap from the start. The iOS version, last year, was quite well received, I think.

      • fight night 3 was my first 1000 pointer on my xbox..
        ahhh the memories

    • Real Boxing – getting you ready for nights out in Swansea.

      They really should run with that strapline.

  2. got this on my mobile..
    should port over to vita nicely.
    not the best boxing game but not a bad one

  3. I think I’ll give this a miss. The last boxing game I played was Frank Bruno’s Boxing on the Spectrum……ahhh the memories :P

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