Interview: Real Boxing Developers On Vita Development, Trophies And Pricing

We’ve been speaking to the developers of Real Boxing, Vivid Games, about Vita development, Sony, pricing and of course the game itself. They’ve given us some nice insight into Vita development, with the game launching on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

TSA: What made you decide to release the game on PlayStation Vita and how helpful was Sony during the process?


Vivid Games: The Playstation Vita was with no doubt the next platform to aim to for Real Boxing. We knew from the beginning of the project that at some point we would have to provide a more classical way to control the characters. Having both analog and touch controls means that players can choose their favourite gaming style, so it was quite obvious for us that we needed to bring Real Boxing to the PS Vita.

We are very happy with the way Sony helped us during the whole production. Sony was our partner, mentor and guide, pushing us to improve the game to the best possible level. They have been very supportive yet very challenging. That’s a mix that the whole team at Vivid Games liked a lot.

TSA: What game modes does Real Boxing come with and which one stands out the most?

VG: For single player, the Career mode is the one we prefer: it allows you to train your fighter, develop his skills and perks. It has a simple goal: win all three champions’ belts, that’s hours of boxing! But if one doesn’t have the time, a Quick Fight mode is also available.

The multiplayer mode is also a favourite of ours: it lets you fight via ad-hoc or PSN and participate in the time-limited tournaments.

TSA: Will the PlayStation Vita version exclusively use touchscreen controls or will there be support for buttons/joysticks?

VG: We’ve optimized Real Boxing for PlayStation Vita so that the players can use both touchscreen and face buttons controls.

TSA: Have you made any visual improvements since the iOS/Android version?

VG: Once happy with the controls, all our efforts went into the graphical aspect of the game. We’ve created this version of Real Boxing using all the power of the Unreal Engine to make it look awesome on PlayStation Vita. We’ve also added a new unique arena and new visual effects for the blood.

TSA: How does Real Boxing set itself apart from other sport fighting games such as UFC, Fight Night etc.?

VG: Real Boxing is more of an arcade game than a fighting simulator. We’ve added a lot of details and animations to make it feel like real boxing, but we made sure that both hardcore fans and casual players would find it entertaining in different ways.

TSA: Were there any other key advantages when developing for the Vita that weren’t possible on mobile/tablet devices?

VG: The face button control system is the most important advantage over tablets and smartphones. In fact, thanks to it, we were able to add the controls for walking on the ring, so that players can move closer or apart from their opponent.

TSA: How extensive is the game’s trophy support and will it feature a platinum trophy?

VG: The game won’t feature a platinum trophy.

TSA: At £7.99, the Vita version is four times the price of the original release (or 12 times if users are able to get it on sale). How involved was the team in setting a price for the game? Is it justified?

VG: Real Boxing on PS Vita will be a very different game from what you’ve seen on mobile. We’ve completely changed the control system, improved the character development, and added new unique content. We’ve optimized the graphics, re-created the multiplayer modes from scratch… it’s a PS Vita game, not a porting of a mobile game.

Maybe more importantly from the players’ perspective, all the content Real Boxing on PS Vita will be completely unlocked from the beginning. The mobile equivalent of this content is worth more than £10 in IAP… but it’s really hard to compare the two versions because there are too many differences. Here at Vivid Games we just treat Real Boxing for PS Vita as a new game.

It seems as though the team at Vivid Games have went all-out to make this game a fresh experience on Vita, and they’ve definitely justified the premium price when compared with the mobile version in their last statement. Real Boxing releases tomorrow on PSN for PlayStation Vita.



  1. Looks decent, will give it a go. Side question, how come some downloadable games have a full trophy list & some just have 12 or so?

  2. I’m hoping for a demo at some point before I take the plunge, bit hit and miss (no pun intended) when it comes to boxing games.

  3. Id rather pay more for the game initially and not have any in app purchases, im glad they choose this route for pricing. Will be grabing this tomorrow.

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