What We Played #107: Prototype 2, FIFA 13 and Thomas Was Alone

In stark contrast to recent weeks it seems young TuffCub has plenty to say, beyond the fact that he’s “obvs” been playing Killzone 3. To be honest we’d be concerned if he hadn’t, that’d be like me not playing Mass Effect 3 for a couple of weeks…  Oh My God! Call the paramedics, I might have died!

Aside from KZ3, TC’s been playing the “enjoyable but buggy” Metro Last Light and PS Vita shoot ’em ups Velocity Ultra and Sine Mora. In the latter of those he is currently “stuck on a STUPID bit of level design” which he’s finding “horribly annoying”.

Over the bank holiday he made a concerted effort to get through a bunch of games he’s yet to finish.  The first three were Batman: Arkham Asylum, Far Cry 3 and Dishonored.  What he noticed about all of those is that the gameplay goes something like this:


Stealthy, kill, stealthy kill, make a small mistake, DEAD. Start again. Stealthy, kill, stealthy kill, make a small mistake, DEAD. Start again. Stealthy, kill, stealthy kill, make a small mistake, DEAD. Scream at game for being fucking annoying.

He implies that he didn’t manage to finish them due to those trifling annoyances but it’s not explicit. What is explicit, in more ways than one, is how his experience with the next game, Prototype 2 went…


Recovering his ability to correctly use the English language, he continues his exposition with the brief but poignant “Such Fun!” And though normally such a reserved fellow his anti-stealth ’em up tirade continues.  “Fuck crawling about in the grass, punching mutants in the face with a tank is so much more entertaining.”

He goes on to say that having almost finished the game he’s found it “really good” with a “surprisingly touching story with the odd twist”.  In the final stages of the game the sheer volume of “bobbins”, by which he means people, objects, etc., on-screen is impressive and that Manhattan “looks lovely in a completely messed up way”.

Is stabbing people with throbbing flesh more fun than rolling around in the grass?

Now we move swiftly on to what Peter’s been playing.  He swears that he can remember Remember Me but recommends we check back on Monday when he’ll have formed his recall into succinct nuggets of prose.

His iPhone’s been getting a firm tapping thanks to Prismadrop which is a “clever take on the ‘match colour’ puzzle genre”. Starting with a full board you tap groups of three prisms to make them disappear and gravity takes over to let the others fall. Le Grand Fromage’s verdict, “It’s quite simple but quite fun and satisfying too”.

I’ve also played a bit of FIFA 13 on Vita after getting a download code as part of a cheap Vita memory card deal from Amazon. Well, “cheap Vita memory card” is a bit of an oxymoron but it was cheaper than usual.

FIFA 13 is almost nothing like the current big console version and almost identical to last year’s Vita version (FIFA Football), which was much more similar to FIFA 11 than the contemporary console version at that time, too.

So basically, it’s like playing FIFA 11 on PlayStation 3, if you only had a tiny television and an uncomfortable controller. Which is okay by me: I quite liked FIFA 11 and this game was free.

Elsewhere, Aran’s happy he got through the difficult bits of the “mostly enjoyable” Rayman Origins so he’s trying to get a perfect run on Velocity Ultra. Zones 1 to 8 are in the bag but he’s having a few hassles with timing on 9.

[drop]If you haven’t already spotted his The HD Adventures Of Rotating Octopus Character review he sums it up as “a decent puzzle game with some fiddly control issues”.  Finally, there’s been plenty of knockouts in the few games of UFC Undisputed 3 he’s played against his brother, although they’ve mostly been of Aran’s fighter.

Kris notes simply that he’s finished the “great” Thomas Was Alone.  “It’s pretty sad in a couple of places, and as I’m sure everyone knows by now the characters are AMAZING. While I like the ambiguity, a sequel could be intriguing.”

For those of you hoping for the next entry in DanToo’s moving saga, as in a saga about moving, not an emotional saga, there’s disappointment in store as he’s made no mention of that and just told me about his gaming!

F1 2012 has been taken for a spin a few times and he’s now started a co-op season with a friend and is “currently on 8 points as opposed to his 0”. He excuses their low scores by explaining that they’re playing on the hardest difficulty.

There’s more co-op courtesy of some “really stupid” missions in Battlefield 3. “The other soldiers just sit back and wait for you to clear the way, even when they have a .50 cal on the back on their jeep.” [Flippant quip about American assistance to Brits in times of war redacted.]

Dan’s also completed another run through of Uncharted 3, a game I really must make the effort to play at some point.  He had forgotten “how good the game is” and goes on to comment that he loves the Uncharted series, particularly the character and dialogue, and can’t wait for his The Last Of Us Joel Special Edition to arrive.

He’s now working his way through Hunted: The Demon’s Forge “which for £1.98, was actually a good purchase”.  Not sure how much of a compliment to the game that is.  Dan prefers playing with Elara (I think/hope he’s keeping thoughts pre-watershed there) as he finds her bow makes “a nice change to getting up close and personal”.

Appropriately, Dan finishes with a “that’s about it”, so over to you to tell us what you’ve been playing.



  1. Dom is the one who’s moving, not me! Haha!

    Going to try and finish the last zones of Velocity Ultra today.

    • A good point well made. :-) In my defence it was late last night when I was writing this in a hurry.

  2. Love the little box with the fifa joke in, I’m sure it isn’t that bad on the vita!
    I’m halfway through Thomas was alone, it is quite charming. I’ve also become obsessed with fifa 13 ultimate team again, but now I have no Internet I can’t carry on with that, stupid BT!
    I bought your woods 14 yesterday, bargain at 25 quid, I do love me a bit of golfing gaming goodness.

  3. Finished Mass Effect 3. Took about 30 hours in total. On the whole, enjoyed it. Probs give it 7/10.

    • 30 hours?! Skipped/missed a lot of the side missions then?

      • No? Did absolutely everything. Played on normal. Talked to everyone, explored everywhere, etc.. The only side mission I didn’t do was ‘Hanar Diplomat’, because it glitched.

        Didn’t play any multi player though.

  4. Looking to trade in one of my 360s towards my pre-ordered X1 so my Wife and I have been playing through any co-op games we have on the go. Lego Lord of the Rings was completed 100% last Friday so this week we began plodding through Resi Revelations’ Raid mode. Just as much fun on the 360 as it was on 3DS, but its a pain that all the Raid stages aren’t available right away.

  5. Dead Space 3 – reached chapter 17 on my Classic playthrough and picked up a few trophies.

    The Darkness II – played all the Vendetta and Hit List missions but yet to start the main campaign. I love the Scottish guy, his remarks are awesome – I’ve never had a character ask the enemy if he knew the football score before, lol!

    Dead Island Riptide – on chapter 6 with McProley (we’re only playing it co-op), and I think we’ve done 16/28 main missions and 38/80 total missions, so making some good progress on that since we’ve only had about 2 sessions in total.

    Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead – this (zombie) DLC is amazing! McProley, Spurs78 and I only played a few games but I’m looking forward to trying the Easter Eggs and other weapons/perks it has to offer!

    Fifa 13 (Vita) – played and got the trophy for 100 online games, so now I just have a few offline trophies to get for the plat, although they will require a few bit of playing (through multiple seasons).

    • You should hear the Scottish guy in Far Cry 3 co-op. I think Frankie Boyle taught him how to speak. :D

  6. Being off sick for a few days and too unwell to continue playing Metro Last Light, i re-installed Heavy Rain after a three year break. Absolutely loved playing it through again, it still looks stunning and the story draws you in with some awesome set pieces. It was my third ful playthrough and i got a different ending but due to some glitch didn’t receive the trophy for ending the game with all four characters alive.

    Once i began to recover from my flu, i finally jumped into Knife of Dunwall – excellent, it has me ensconced in the world of Dishonored again and i’ll be hard pressed to leave it after the dlc is finished.

  7. Moved to XCOM for PC thanks to the Steam sale and sold my PS3 copy since I’m pretty sure it’s coming to Plus soon anyway. Bought the last humble indie bundle but didn’t get to try anything out of it yet. My gf has been playing the FTP Ragnarok Online 2, so I checked that out with her. Looks cute, but a bit bland. Not sure if I’ll go back to it when I have GW2. Also played about an hour of Bit.Trip Runner. Tough cookie.

  8. I can’t be bothered with Sine Mora any more as the mounting frustration the game brings is unbearable. Dark Souls may have frustrated, but at least it did it in a fair way, and I could simply find a solution to the problem, or just keep trying and know that it’s possible. But Sine Mora is just built so simply, it’s literally anti-fun. Thankfully I can retreat to a common sense game (Velocity Ultra) and one that is fun.

  9. Got the latest Humble Bundle and started playing Thomas Was Alone. The puzzles are pretty straight forward so far but the narrator is great.

  10. Been playing Red Faction: Guerrilla and one bloody Mine Ore left to find for the bronze trophy (299/300) I have destroyed worth 25 million of damage in the Wrecking Crew and just some Pro Time trial and a few Guerrilla side missions for the Platinum! Been playing Payday: The Heist to get $1 Billion Dollars and hopefully get a platinum tomorrow evening. Also played Fifa on Vita with over 130 matches played online but still no Gold Trophy, grrrr……. and lastly helped out thechunkymunky and blackredyellow on Uncharted Bounties last night, made good progress on that.

    • Forgot to add Resistance 2 Multiplayer aswell only need around 700 MP kills for the 10,000 kills online trophy =D

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