WeView: Metro 2033

With Metro: Last Light’s release arriving last month, and our review of the game coming this morning, it’s fitting that today’s WeView turns its attention on Last Light’s predecessor, Metro 2033. Although Metro 2033 only appeared on Xbox 360 and PC, it seems like the game has gained enough of an audience on TSA to get it selected for this week’s WeView.

Set twenty years after a nuclear war (I guess we’ve got that to look forwards to later this year), the game takes place in Moscow’s metro system, where survivors of the nuclear apocalypse have relocated to stay safe. The action follows Artyom, one of the first people to be born in the metro. The mysterious Dark Ones are threatening the metro system, and Artyom takes on the task of keeping his home safe.

Given this responsibility, it’s unfortunate that one of the complaints Gamoc had in our review of the game was that the most of the guns feel “awkward and they seem to lack power”. He also felt that “the controls start to feel a little slow” when you enter combat, something that certainly isn’t going to be helped by awkward weaponry.

Life in the Metro.

Of course, the weapon systems in the game are made interesting by the scarcity of ammunition and the fact that military grade ammunition is generally used more as currency than for shooting things. While the scarcity and use as currency is clearly an attempt to try and change the way you think about weapons in the game, Gamoc found that the game was often frustrating when you were running low on bullets and that the system “can easily render you dead in a gunfight.”

However, on the more positive side of things, the game has some wonderful visuals. Gamoc commented that the game’s visuals were “Probably the best thing about Metro”, enjoying the way that the “omni-present dust floating in the air” really added to the feeling of sheer terror that permeates the game. In fact the terror that the game generates means that at times he “found it difficult to play for longer than 45 minutes at a time”. That really is terrifying.

Ultimately he rated the game as a 7/10, feeling that the story is a little slow to get going as well as the aforementioned issues with the game’s guns. Here’s what he had to say about the game in conclusion.

If you’re looking for a considerably more terrifying survival horror version of Fallout 3 without the openworld and most of the humour, Metro 2033 is definitely for you. If you’re looking for something more like a shooter then Metro isn’t going to satisfy you. Gorgeously atmospheric, at times completely frustrating and genuinely interesting hints about the surrounding world are omnipresent. If the shooting was less awkward it would be very easy to recommend, but as it is it’s difficult to do so.

So that’s Gamoc’s view of the game, but what’s yours? If you feel like sharing your thoughts all you need to do is drop us a comment below. It doesn’t matter if you loved or hated the tour through Moscow’s subway, we’re still interested to know what you thought of the title.

All we request is that you add a verdict to your comment, using the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. We’ll tot up all your views on the game on Monday, which means that you need to get your comment in by Sunday afternoon if you want to take part.



  1. What I liked about Metro that it was different than the generic FPS games.
    It’s a really entertaining game that does a really good job at scaring you.
    *walking through dark tunnel, hears growling sounds, shitshitshitshit*
    Also, you have the greatest joy when you are able to loot some ammo from dead bodies since that stuff can be so rare at times.
    The only issues I found with the game were the bugs that happened once in a while during your play sessions and some bad optimization on PC.
    My relatively high end card (GTX 660 Ti) from 2012 August could barely run this game from 2010 at 60FPS on Medium settings with lowest anti aliasing settings. It would even dip to 30FPS in some cases.
    To compare how bad this optimization is, Metro Last Light a game just released this year, my graphics can run at an average of 50FPS on the highest settings (Alas the Anti Aliasing was lowered a bit)

    Buy It IMO

  2. Buy It although these days you can easily Bargain Bin it. Metro 2033 offers such a great survival experience. You have to keep track of your supplies otherwise you’re in trouble. Some of the enemy designs were great and I will not forget the first time I ran into a Librarian.

    There were parts where I felt genuine fear never knowing what I would run in to and if I would survive it. Yes, there are bugs but I’ll say Metro 2033 is one of the under appreciated gems of this generation.

  3. The shooting is a bit weak, but can be easily ignored when you take into account the great graphics and atmosphere. It’s a true survival horror game, rather than an action horror. Running low on ammo, with my gas mask filter quickly running out, the adrenaline definitely got pumping.
    I’m not a massive fan of the horror genre (both games and films), but I’m slowly plodding through the game and enjoying it for the most part. You can easily pick it up for a couple of quid for PC in online sales, and I’d definitely recommend it, so buy it.

  4. I got it for free on Steam through a Facebook promotion.
    Not played a lot of it tbh, what I did play was good though, seemed like a very generic fps at first. But had a good setting and the atmosphere was suitably tense. Will go back to it at some point.

    Bargain Bin It.

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