PSN Store Update 05/06/13 – Coconut Dodge Revitalised, LIMBO and 4K

It’s that time of week again. The PlayStation Store is starting to update in Europe and you can get your sticky little paws on some new downloadable gaming goodness. There’s a nice bit of variation to this week’s update, which is nice to see ahead of what we hope will be a healthy update next week during the annual E3 Expo.


First, let’s look at the peculiar addition for the week – a “PSN Game” that’s a gallery of 4K resolution images. That’s it. It’s “1 player” apparently, and features images from award winning photographers as well as the textures of very old paintings. At least it’s free… unlike the 4K television you’ll need to own to get the best from it.

If you’re a Crysis 3 fan, you’ll be glad to note that the new expansion pack – set on a tropical island – is available for £11.99 today. It’s called The Lost Island and although it’s not exactly cheap, it does seem to have a bit of lovely new content to romp about it.

For Vita, there’s Paint Park Plus – a free app that lets you paint and draw that’s got new colouring in and join-the-dot games. I wish I could tell you the other ways it differs from Paint Park (which has been available for a while) but I deleted that app after a very brief look at it.

Back to the PS3 and there’s a new Hidden Object PSN Game called Twisted Lands: Shadow Town for £7.99. Hidden object games are hardly the most adored type of console game but if you get a good one, it can be a bit of fun. This is a Trial and Unlock offering too, so you get to have a go before you put any cash down.

Also for the PS3 is perhaps this week’s most interesting new arrival for £7.99. Strength of the Sword 3 is a sword fighting game that claims to be all about the challenge. It eschews story and spurns casual or social advances but makes a big deal out of boss fights. It also claims to have AI that will analyse your fighting style, find your weaknesses and exploit them. Sounds rock hard to me.

LIMBO is out today for Vita, which is lovely if you’ve yet to play one of the most interesting platform puzzlers of the last few years. It’s priced at £9.99, which is a great price to play it on a perfectly suited device, if you don’t already own it elsewhere (where it’s often cheaper).

If you’re after something with an altogether more frantic pace for your Vita, you can’t go far wrong with another gem from the guys at Futurlab. Coconut Dodge Revitalised is their spruced up Vita release of Clawrence’s PS Minis debut. That’s free to PS Plus subscribers or just £1.99 for non-plussed PlayStation fans.



  1. Limbo is crossbuy, so if you already own it for PS3, it’s free for your Vita :)

    • Does include us folk that got Limbo free with Playstation Plus?

      • yeah, that’s how I just got it.

      • Oh my god. Never thought they’d do that! Loving Sony lately.

    • That’s fecking awesome news, thanks!

    • Now that’s good news, I’d been avoiding on the PS3, but now I can play it on vacation. Thanks!

    • Nice one. Played it through on my PS3, but it’ll be nice to have it on my Vita too.

  2. Just got Coconut Dodge Revitalised and Rayman Origins on Plus. Love Futurlab now, Brilliant games.

    It appears Limbo is indeed cross buy which is another bit of good news. Thanks Erroneus.

    • Great stuff, I’ll grab it now! (And Coconut Dodge!)

    • Seems I was misinformed about Limbo then!

      Does anyone know if the save file is transferable? Would be nice to get 100% trophies on Vita without having to complete the game in less than 5 deaths again! :O

      • Details are a bit sketchy, the store page doesn’t even say cross buy let alone cross play. But unless the PS3 version has a cloud save option on the in-game setting, then no.

  3. Coconuts for me.

  4. Nice, i found three Vita freebies for me this week, Limbo, Coconut Dodge and Paint Park Plus!

    • I don’t know what to make of Paint Park Plus. There are a ton of extra tools for it but they each cost £1.19, and the extra tools (stuff like an eye dropper) are literally simple stuff you can get in MS Paint.

      • Yeah, personally i would have paid for a complete paint app but done this way it just doesn’t appeal to me, apart from giving the free version a go.

  5. WTF, I have that Twisted Lands game on my android tablet, it cost me 62p, yet somehow they think it’s worth more than £9 extra on PSN … lol, deluded or what.
    Granted, there are obviously certain costs related to putting stuff on the store, but somehow I doubt it justifies quite that price hike.

  6. Well chuffed Limbo is cross buy,as I never got round to playing it on my PS3 but I can see myself getting stuck in on the vita.
    I shall have to grab coconut dodge while I’m at it :)

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