Sony Updates Skype On Vita, Can Chat Whilst You’re Playing

Sony have updated their own custom Vita build of Skype (SCEA actually developed the app for the PlayStation Vita) to enable the software to still accept chats whilst you’re in the middle of a game.


Calls are answered with the regular PS button, which is a nice feature.

It’ll also hold a conversation whilst you’re moving between apps, or using the main system.

Skype was originally released last April, and has always worked reasonably well. This latest update is superb though, and really demonstrates the Vita’s ability to multitask.



  1. This is sweet. Please add this to PS3 *dreaming*

  2. I remember thinking when watching the Xbox One conference that the ability to snap between things was really quite similar to Vita (though without the tv of course, the ability to switch quickly between game/twitter or a web browser (for help with games :P) is really handy, as is leaving the game “on” in the background while you do something else, then straight back into gameplay.

    The Vita really is becoming one of my favourite consoles ever, and Limbo looks stunning on it!

  3. You know, all the way through the Xbone presentation I kept thinking – all of this is achievable on the PS3 with software updates. I would imagine the whole snap thing would be cake for the PS4… I really can’t see any innovation from MS…

  4. Do you have pay for voice chat but video is free? That’s what I understood when I 1st read the rules on Skype.

    • Nah both are free. If you want to call landlines or mobiles it costs money.

      • Oh thanks. I’ve just misread it then. I might start using Skype now then.

  5. Have they improved the battery usage of skype though. I remember when I first put skype on there and I thought ‘brilliant, have that on all the time in the background’, and it drained the battery within two days. Not saying I didn’t expect it, but it made it pretty useless, unless you’re actually talking on it.

  6. I love this app on my PSV. What are the chances of it making it to the ps4?? I know MS own Skype, but as its already on the PSV, surely it could jump to its big brother? It’s great for talking to my Bro in Oz :)

  7. Will the PS4 do this to? I can’t see MS liking that as it’s a big feature on X1 :D
    + Skype is cool & that but using it when you are playing a game?!?! What next Tweeting & FaceBooking & Skyping all at the same time while playing a game while someone is playing a different game while on the bog?!?! LoL:D

  8. No complaints here. This is really good support.

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