Dying Light Trailer Shows Techland’s Latest Survival Title

It seems that polish developer, Techland, just cant get enough of the survival horror genre.

This debut trailer for its latest project, Dying Light, may not be as poignant as the iconic CG teaser for Dead Island but is hopefully more representative of what players will actually experience in-game.


Published by Warner Bros. Dying Light is a cross-gen title that will be available on PS3, PS4, PC, 360, and X1. It’s currently slated to launch in 2014.



  1. Looks very good. Brawo Polacy :D but I’ma bit tired of the zombie hype everywhere…

  2. Certainly looks polished, although i wasnt impressed with dead Island riptide, i wonder when the apocalyptic bubble is going to burst?

  3. looks pretty good actually.

  4. Aye, I agree. It’s definitely one to watch.

  5. Mirror’s Dead, much?

    • And that’s what this game shall forever be known as.

    • I think ‘Dying Edge’ has a nice gritty zombie ring to it.

  6. Ooo… lovely ending and good trailer too.

  7. Very cool concept but did the main guy have to be such a dick and let all his friends die?

    • Let his friends die? By the time he looked at two of them they were already eatin. He saved the girl, though it was her own misfortune that she fell…Not really his fault at all.

  8. This trailer coming from the people who made the Dead Island games. Awesome as the trailer might be I’ll hold off my opinion of the game.

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