Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition Box Art

Sony has released the final design for the steelbook cover of Beyond: Two Souls. Similar to the standard edition, the cover solely focuses on Jodie Holmes, the main center piece of Beyond’s story.



Looks quite nice doesn’t it?

As well as arriving in a steelbook case, the special edition also includes an additional playable scene (30 mins gameplay), a behind the scenes video, the official soundtrack and a dynamic theme & avatar pack.

At the moment, the special edition can be pre-ordered for the same price as the standard edition at most retailers.

Beyond: Two Souls releases on the 11th of October.



  1. Will probably get this edition can’t wait for it to release it’s on my wish list have to be nice to the wife.

  2. I preferred the placeholder box art Amazon had.

    A plain back steelbook with the logo printed in white.

    Still, it’s nice, and I’m keeping my pre-order.

    • I like those simplistic box arts too – love my Prince of Persia & Killzone 2 steelbooks. Although my Uncharted 2 one is ruined because some guy named Nolan North wrote his name all over it :(

  3. Pre-ordered this at Hut with a 10% code so just over £34 :)

    The last hurrah for ps3 before ps4 :)

  4. Really looking forward to this :-)

  5. Pre-ordered this yesterday and wondered if they would change the box art. Looks great.

  6. looks cool as box art goes, can’t wait to play this loved heavy rain and this looks like its steped up a few gears since then :-)

  7. Love the subtle colours in it, the monochrome with the dash of blue looks great.

  8. Looks well COOL:P

  9. I pre-ordered this the day Aussie retailers had it listed ;)

    I quite like the design but have to agree the white writing on black was very nice.

  10. Looks lovely! will pre order this version

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