E3 – In And Around The Convention Center

If you’re a fan of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, that photo above is just for you. For everyone else, we thought it would be cool to throw together a little gallery of the various walkways and spaces that are around the Los Angeles Convention Center. Don’t worry, we’ve kept it brief but you can expect to see much more as the week continues.

We went today and picked up the various barcodes, pass cards and wristbands that will get us into all the good stuff tomorrow and for the rest of the week. During the course of that endeavour (and before we succumbed to the lures of the ESPN Zone bar), we grabbed a few little snaps of the adverts around the place and the huge, nondescript wooden crates that are full of stand equipment, televisions and other assorted stuff.

We didn’t see any PlayStation 4 consoles yet, but we’ve been told that they’re being closely guarded so that only a handful of people in the world have seen the final design. It’s all quite covert and more than a little bit exciting.



  1. Cheers for the pics guys and as always look forward to what you guys have for us over the next 4 days or so! have a blast

  2. It’s grey and cold in London. Just thought you should know.

    • don’t suppose you have a timetable for the conferences in GMT do you Tuff?

      • Here’s some times for UK…
        Microsoft 5pm
        EA 9pm
        Ubisoft 11pm

        Sony 2am
        Nintendo Direct 3pm

      • Here are the UK press conference times:

        Microsoft: 5:30PM
        EA: 8:30PM
        Ubisoft: 10:30PM
        Sony: 1:30AM (11th)

        I think that’s accurate, I’m not 100% certain about it but it should be pretty close.

      • Hope this helps. I’ve got this open in another tab and check it a couple of times a day! :-)


      • I was clearly wrong, thanks for the correct times and the link to watch all the streams.

    • Aye, bloody grim, and whilst it was sunny last week I stupidly shelled out for me and my girlfriend to go up the Shard this morning assuming it would be beautiful. Bloody weather, grrr.

  3. I’d like to know what camera your using… I want the set :P Anyway have fun at E3 guys! (And girls) Just wish I was 21 already :( (almost 19)

  4. what on earth are those things in pic 5?

    are the martians visiting E3 now?

    • The Mars gaming scene is severely under represented.

  5. Thanks for the pics, it looks all ‘calm before the storm’ atm .. hope you’ve got a buddy system sorted for when it all goes mental – leave no man behind! :)

    • Sod that. Trample everyone to freedom!

      Dying Light banner! Hopefully we get to hear much more about it. :-)

  6. Amazing the amount of years since I’ve played THPS3 yet that picture takes me back to the time and place I was playing it and reminds me of the moves I used to pull off there.

  7. I’m loving the box thread on Neogaf. Absolutely hilarious.

    Nice pics guys.

  8. Lovely. TSA: Adding the human touch to your conference coverage :)

  9. I’m glad the look of the PS3 hasn’t been leaked, considering a lot of the specs etc were leaked, well done Sony.

    • Psst, I can tell you what the PS3 looks like. ;)

  10. Aye, me too…..but it’ll cost him :P

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