More Splinter Cell Blacklist Info Revealed At E3 2013

Splinter Cell Blacklist, which releases this August, was in the limelight at E3. Ubisoft confirmed that Spies Vs Mercs would be returning to Splinter Cell, along with multiple coop missons.

Blacklist has been labelled as “the biggest Splinter Cell yet”. Sam Fisher, leads a team that answers directly to the US President, that must bring down a group of terrorist launching attacks known as the Blacklist on US interests. Sam and his team must bring down the terrorist at all costs before the Blacklist counter reaches zero.


The game releases on August 20th.


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  1. At last year’s E3 this was my third best game for the sole reason that I thought the Assassin’s Creed style movement was being used. Is this true or was I just seeing things in hope? Either way, still looking forward to giving Splinter Cell a go since PS2.

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