South Park: The Stick Of Truth Coming Holiday 2013

Ubisoft have revealed that South Park: The Stick Of Truth is still alive and will be releasing this holiday period on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There were no next-gen versions mentioned.

The trailer was short but held up the South Park humour with Randy teaching a kid all about the Nagasaki Fart and then beating him up. The game retains the style of the TV show and it doesn’t look like there have been major changes in the transition from THQ to Ubisoft, which means it will stay as an RPG.



  1. Blimey, that Aisha Tyler is a tedious individual isn’t she?! Happy to see this game is still alive and kicking though.

  2. Completely forgot about this game, looks just like an episode.

    Also I didnt realise this was a full retail release?

  3. Haha looks like a laugh at least, pity no next gen?

  4. When is the NEXT gen coming out?? 8xx Series? GTX 580 Will be upgraded then

  5. OOOPPPSSS Wrong page lol, Cant wait for this game. #PS4 preordered

  6. I’ve had this pre-ordered for ages, so glad to see that it’s alive & kicking. :)

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