Watch The Sony E3 Press Conference Here – 2AM UK, 6PM PST

It’s nearly time, time for Sony to show us the PS4 and – hopefully – what it can do in terms of games. We’ve been hearing snippets and nuggets regarding today’s press conference, but that’s always the case – and we’re still crossing our fingers that Sony can keep their normally leaky ship watertight enough for just a few more hours.

The show kicks off at 6pm here, or 2am back in the UK. It’s late, sure, but we’re also pretty confident it’ll be worth staying up for.

We’ll have our usual news posts with everything worthy as the show progresses, and our normal post-show round-up as soon as we’re physically able to after the whole thing has ended. The show’s between 90 minutes and two hours, we’re hearing, but if you’re keen on staying up, we’re livestreaming the conference (via the magic of Ustream) – watch it all happen live, below.

See you in just under 12 hours.



  1. My 12 week old will be up, so I’ll be up too! See you later!

    • I actually like the thought of going to sleep and waking up to a whole bunch of news! See you tomorrow (at 4.30 am when my 11mth old wakes up)

    • My Mrs is at work and I have 81 episodes of Pocoyo, 42 episodes of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, Mickey Mouse Wizard of Dizz and the entire series of Doc McStuffins & Princess Sofia on my Sky box for my daughter to watch.

      All I need now is a cage and some sort of food and water dispenser to fashion.


      • Cant beat Doc Mcstuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse unless you throw Special Agent Oso into the mix lol

      • We’re yet to discover Oso, I feel like a fraction of my brain melts every time we watch a new program :D

  2. I wonder if this year everyone will be able to get good, consistent streams. There’s been plenty of times when the streaming has been useless and it becomes near impossible to watch.

    Very excited for this though, a good day for gaming.

    • I’ll definitely be having a few tabs open at the start, the PS4 reveal even wasn’t too bad on Ustream, but I expect far more people will be watching E3.

      • For all you Geordie’s out there. When he says “tabs” he means internet windows and not “fags”

        Sorry, I couldn’t resist :D

  3. I’ll be in bed, but I’m really looking forward to seeing all the posts tomorrow morning when I get into to work.

  4. I’m off to bed at 5pm as that’s where my imac and my best chance of watching anything are. Just hope i can stay awake for Sony’s late gig as i have work tomorrow, but i’ll be back here at first light to check for anything i’ve missed!

  5. I’ll be watching the MS conference, then trying to grab a couple of hours sleep before watching the Sony conference, then back to bed to be up again at half 6.

    Tiring, but hopefully worth it.

  6. This is the biggest E3 for years but i will be in BED!!! LoL:D Only because every time i try & watch live streams on my Laptop or any other thing i got it never ends well :-/
    (i.e it always stops & i always SCREAM & want to smash up my Laptop) :D
    Oh well, i will get up in the morning & see haw it went(unless MS have wiped out SONY by then like they said they will + i will definitely NOT watch MS show because i have never watched their shows & never will because they make me want to vomit really) :D

  7. I was going to stay up to watch it but wasn’t expecting it to be up to 2 hours long.

  8. Oh boy, this should be an entertaining E3 at the least! Sony have the ball in their court so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle things.

  9. I like the idea that Sony’s conference will be there like a Christmas gift for me to unwrap in the morning.

  10. has anyone got a youtube url for the M$ press conference?

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