Xbox One Pricing Confirmed, Out This November

The Xbox One will be releasing worldwide – across 21 markets – this November, confirming the Rare director’s earlier slip-up announcement.

The console will be priced at $499, $499 Euros or £429 here in the UK. That’s quite a hefty price, but means that November will continue to be the busiest release month for games.


There’s no exact date – we’ll get that later – but it’ll be interesting to see when the PS4 launches, there could be quite a stir if it’s in the same timeframe. There will also be a “Day One” edition, though there are next to no details for what this includes as of yet.

The PS3 launched at £425, which Sony got a lot of flak for. It should be interesting to see how the Xbox One compares – will it have a similar rocky start? We’ll see after November…



  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Lets hope the PS4 is a bit cheaper. £350 would be lovely but with all that flashy RAM I’m not so sure…

  2. It’s too much money. Didn’t anyone tell Microsoft nobody has the money they had when last gen launched? Are they not aware of the worldwide financial crisis?

  3. Now for Sony drop it in September release and £375

    • I’m expecting £400 for PS4. That’s how much I have saved so I hope so.

  4. Ouch, godamn that’s a bad price. Period, if PS4 launches at a cheaper price they’re gonna get widespread approval.

  5. How the actual fuck does $499 equate to £429? Jesus christ.

    • It straight up doesn’t. A straight up currency conversion shows the UK price should be around £325 if all things were equal.

      Not that I’m massively bothered – MS already did plenty enough to convince me to avoid the XB1 like the plague with their DRM and online requirements.

    • Don’t forget that over in the US and Canada, those prices DON’T include taxes. You can add at least 13% to that $499 figure.

  6. How much is that corrected to PS3 release time?: I’m willing to bet it comes out at around £375.

    Here we go :

    That puts £429 of todays money as being £350 in 2006.

    Okay it’s not as easy as that because we are all poorer… just putting it out there.

  7. Ouch. More than expected, and no details on subscription models.

  8. Over £400 looks, sounds, feels and is too much. More expensive than I expected. I hope Sony have learnt their lessons with the PS3 launch price.

  9. Day one model?? Bet that will be even more? I suppose the price is that high as it comes with kinect? Wonder if the ps4 will release with the camera too?? If not it should be cheaper!

    • I made a response and it disappeared so ill type it again.

      Day one model will probably come with overheating components just like the 360 did :P

      £429 is way too much to even consider one add the fact that I cant swap games with friends without paying again or the fact that it has to be connected to the internet to do its E.T routine every day.

      Balls in your court sony, you say your for the gamer so don’t please don’t mess this one up.

  10. Wow, I just started laughing when I heard that price.
    I just want Kaz Hirai to get on stage at the beginning of the Sony conference and say “399, bitches!” and then drop the mic and slowly back off the stage. :P

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