How Nintendo Are Tweaking The Wind Waker for WiiU

It might not be a new game, but I know that there are a lot of people who are incredibly excited about the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD re-release. Except that it’s not just a straight port of the game, but a fresh update of the title, designed to make better use of the WiiU’s expanded capabilities.

Core to this are the graphics engine tweaks, with the game running at 1080p, with improved shaders, textures and animations. I must say that even on a heavily compressed streaming video it looks utterly gorgeous and completely beguiling.


This game has such a beautiful art style.

Beyond the graphics, Nintendo are also taking the time to tweak the gameplay from the GameCube version, to improve the experience for new and old players. The main one highlighted here is the Tingle Tuner.

This was previously a system by which a GameBoy Advance could be connected to a GameCube and interact with the game, but this functionality has been ripped out and replaced for the WiiU version. Now, when you acquire the Tingle Tuner in game, you’ll be able to start leaving messages for friends via Miiverse.

Simply write your message, or even take a photo in game, and pop it in a bottle, which you can then chuck into the sea for other people to discover as they play.

No it’s not a killer feature, but it’s a nice little indication of the work which is being done to adjust the game for the new console, as it sails towards its October release date.



  1. Yay this year good.

  2. Looks stunning, but they should have incorporated the letters “HD” better into the logo using a similar font. I guess it’s a good thing that is my biggest complaint.

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