New Trailers For Killzone Shadow Fall, Infamous Second Son, Knack & Drive Club

Amoung some of the PlayStaion 4 exclusives announced in February were Killzone Shadow Fall, Infamous Second Son, Knack and Drive Club.

All titles received new E3 trailers, with some small gameplay snippets. It was also confirmed that Killzone, Knack and Drive Club will be launch titles for the PlayStation 4, with Infamous releasing in early 2014.



  1. Parts of Knack looked liked they’d forgot the textures.

    Hopefully Drive Club can do to Forza (my only reason for wanting the 360 or Xbone) what the PS4 has done to the Xbone. Please support the hell out of it Sony

  2. It’s great that Drive Club is gonna be free with Plus as it was on my to buy list alongside the PS4. :)

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