PlayStation 4 Is Region Free, HDD Upgradeable

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios and man who probably has grin wider than the Moon at this very moment, has delivered yet more good news:

“Yes, PS4’s HDD is upgradable like PS3,” he tweeted, as well as, “And yes, PS4 is region free :D”.

Presumably he means that just the games will be region free, rather than both games and blu-ray movies.

He also answered a few more questions via Twitter, and there is some bad news… brace yourselves people. PlayStation Home is not confirmed for PS4. The horror!

He summed it all up with “It was a great day today, an understatement”.

Meanwhile, on Wikipedia…


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  1. Haha, I wonder if he also appears under the definition for smug.

    Sony have done some good things with PS4. They’ve held on to what was great on PS3 and learned from what was not.

  2. my day just jeeps getting better..
    so far sony can do no wrong=_)

  3. “Playstation 4 comes with a free moon”… is the only way this could get better for Sony.

    • fingers crossed tony they may do a moon special edition..they are on a roll!

    • On a stick

      • Of course, but in Sony’s case the stick you get a choice of whether you use it with the free moon or not.

      • “that’s no moon”

  4. I love the entry for Jack Tretton. Region free and upgradable HDD are another two blows to MS. How did they get this so wrong?

    • As I said above. Sony looked at what people liked (upgradable HDD in this case) and said, “let’s keep that” and looked at other stuff like complex hardware that devs find difficult to program for and said “that needs to be improved”.
      Microsoft seem to have looked at the non-removable, proprietary HDD that everyone hates and said “Yep, that’s staying”

      • MS won’t have cared if people hated it, the saw that the proprietary HDD allowed them to control SKUs and prices, and this is the fundamental issue with Microsoft over the past month or so, a blatant disregard for the wants and needs of the people who are supposed to be buying their kit.

        Look at PS+ reqd for online play – that’s probably subsidising part of the £349 price of a machine that’s probably more costly to make then the Xbox One (look at the DDR5 Ram for instance) – XBL Gold money however, probably was spaffed on all the exclusivity agreements Microsoft made with publishers. But the bottom line is that the publishers will go where the gamers are, it’s not for the gamers to go to where the publishers are if that place is fraught with issues that are detrimental to gamers and consumers in general

  5. Got to say. Sony has done everything right here. Lower price, kept the features that everyone wanted whilst introducing new ones and with great games. It was always going to be a case of maybe getting an Xbox as well as the PS4 and not instead of but tbh i don’t think ill bother. Atleast not until a big price cut.

  6. Absolutely brilliant that Wiki post. Ha ha. Great news about the PS4, it keeps getting better and better.

  7. The lack of region restrictions is excellent, blu-rays are usually multi region anyway so it sounds like there’s little to worry about.
    Off topic, on the back of the console there’s an AUX socket, what’s that about?

    • The camera/eye thing plugs in there (I read elsewhere).

    • My guess would be for the ps eye… But damn you Sony! The only thing they’ve left out that I really wanted is a USB port on the back!! I hate my astro mixamp having to be plugged in at the front of my ps3, and it’ll be even worse now the front USB ports are half way up and almost central.

      I guess I can forgive them for all the other good stuff tho’ ;)

      • Your guess would be correct.
        According to the hardware details teflon posted it will be plugged in there.

  8. More good news – now what’s the biggest HDD I can get for a PS4? This time I’m going for the very biggest from day 1.

    • If I’m going with the assumption that the PS4 will only support 2.5″ drives (like the PS3) and a maximum height of 9mm I would believe believe that would be a 1TB HDD.
      If it supports up to 11mm I believe the 2TB HDD would be the biggest.
      I’m a little outdated on HDD so don’t quote me on this though.

  9. Comedy gold, hilarious wikipeadia entry.

    • I agree, it was brilliant. I wish we could make it permanent, I guess the future sales might well justify bringing it back one day…

  10. “man who probably has grin wider than the Moon at this very moment”
    Is that Japanese TuffCub speaking? :)

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