Killzone: Shadow Fall Box Art Released

A minor update but one which will no doubt pique the interest of PlayStation enthusiasts.

Spotted earlier in the week during Sony’s tongue-in-cheek instructional video on used games, the official box art for Killzone Shadow Fall has been released.


Usually we don’t make a big hullabaloo about glossy game inlays, but this is our first peek at a PS4 case. Adopting a design somewhat akin to the rather snazzy Vita boxes, the new cases will sport a blue accent and appear to have shed the Blu-Ray lip of their PS3 counterparts.



  1. Well, yesterday I finally gave in and changed my pre order from X1 to PS4. Too much bad news from E3 for me to justify picking Microsofts console over Sonys.
    Suffice to say Killzone and Driveclub will be the games i get at launch

    • Bloody hell, Dave! I’ve been following your comments and you’ve stayed as positive as can be through all of the nonsense that’s been plaguing Microsoft. Admirably so, fella. However, enough is enough, eh? That’s very telling.

      One of my mate’s is doing the same. Finally had a tits-full and has decided not to get an X1.

      • Exactly! I’ve been defending the X1 throughout, as I was fairly sure it was the console I was going to end up with.
        It wasn’t until I had a chat with a few mates last night, after all the e3 dust settled, that we realised there simply isn’t really anything that is tempting us to put up with Microsoft’s crazy new policies.

        Sure, Forza and Titanfall look great, but DriveClub and Destiny look like fine alternatives.

        At the end of the day, I want to get as much for my money as possible. In that regard the PS4 wins hands down as the X1 is £80 more expensive, plus there are headsets and charge kits to put on top of that figure!

        While a lot of my mates are still sticking with X1, a couple of us have decided to go PS4 instead and put down our pre-orders for the Killzone and DriveClub bundle currently running at GAME. Cannot wait :-)

  2. anybody else think the thumbnail for this article on the front page looks a bit like Garrus?

    or is it just me?

  3. COOL;) i LOVE the color blue. Better than horrid Green :D

  4. That is slick!

  5. Seems kinda…How should I say, generic? Random military guy with even his face covered and with just some random woman looking over. It’s very blank, not minimalistic which is a good art direction, and generic.

  6. I like it i like it a lot :) very niiiice

  7. Looks lovely. Still debating whether to get the killzone trilogy or them separately.

  8. I really like the Art look, as well as the overall box for PS4.

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