PS4 Won’t Block Used Games, PS Plus Required for Online Play

It’s actually just happened. Jack Tretton has just stepped on stage and received the biggest cheer of the day after stating that the PS4 won’t block used games. A completely direct assault on Xbox One, and one which has no doubt made a lot of people at Microsoft a bit worried.

He went on to say that you can trade games in, sell it on or lend it to a friend – there’s no system in place to stop you from doing this. You don’t have to even be online – there’s no “24 hour check-ins” quips Tretton, digging the claws in deeper.

Detailing the frankly awesome online features, such as cross-game voice chat, playing games while downloading and the all new social features, based around a “real world” friends network, he confirmed that PlayStation Plus will carry over and be required to play online multiplayer games.

But you’ll still get plenty of rewards, however – you’ll get immediate access to the “PS Plus” version of DriveClub for free at launch and there’ll be a new free title every month, including some of the recently revealed indie titles. This is the same PS Plus that gets you all of those free games on your PS3 and Vita, mind.

This is all good news, really, bar the online multiplayer paywall, which Microsoft imposed with the Xbox 360 eight years ago.

Also, they’ve just posted an amazing video showing how to share your games on PS4, which you can see below:



  1. That is the single best video Sony could have ever done during this E3 conference.

    • I am actually CONVINCED that this video has a metaphorical meaning.

      THINK ABOUT IT. Yoshida handing something over. It represents Microsoft handing over the next generation title to Sony. Then the guy saying ‘thanks’ is Sony literally saying thanks to Microsoft for giving Sony the won so early on. It all makes sense now.

      • The best thing that could happen for the X1 is that publishers just decide to become X1 exclusives, drain the PS4 market and thrive on the money made through the initiatives they have setup with Microsoft. Unlikely but possible.

      • Not gonna happen. The PS4 is too big a revenue stream, especially with EA not doing any games for the Wii U anymore. They can’t afford to make games for solely one platform (bar the odd PC release, whom they also neglect by not bringing their ‘ignite’ engine to PC games).

      • My point is that if the publishers do allow time for the PS4 market to diminish due to the lack of fifa n cod then xbox one would takeover all console sales and also give the publishers the money as if Sony had gone that same route. I’m only saying it, my hopes are that the opposite is true and because xbox one requires so much money that PS4 reigns supreme.

      • But allowing the PS4 market to diminish for a set amount of time purely on the hope that people will then go out and buy an X1 would be bizarre from a business standpoint. Especially when the business we are on about here makes huge sums of money and can’t afford to go on what could be labelled as assumptions and predictions. It’s not going to happen.

  2. No, no, no, no, no! Damn you Sony, building me up and knocking me down.

  3. sony just came out top this new generation. love how they openly mocked xbox. yes you have to pay for online but i can live with that. great business decision

  4. Tretton could barely hide his excitement as he revealed that all important info. He was absolutely destroying the Xbox One and he was loving it!

    That video is brilliant too. Short, sweet, and right to Microsoft’s jugular!

    • When Tretton revealed that beautiful nugget, i literally jumped up from my sofa and started clapping! I also may have shedded a few happy tears!

  5. Fine by me really. I don’t play too much online, I like to have a quick go but don’t really stick with it for long. Will be buying plus regardless as it has given me so much content over the years. Sure it’s not always what I want but I’ve played some gems that I otherwise wouldn’t have done.
    I’m really impressed with how Sony has handled each stage and major decision lately. They seem to have really listened to the gamers and gaming websites and have taken it all on board. Can’t wait for ps4.

    • Oh and the video is friggin’ hilarious.

  6. Exciting in many ways, hugely disappointing in regards to multiplayer being Plus only. I’d say the awesome outweighs the disappointing though.

    • I’m the same, VERY disappointed for having to get P+ for online gaming. It’s what I do most and I don’t have the time to use P+ to its full capacity.

      Oh well, the pluses definitely outweigh the bad points but that’s the end of free online gaming on consoles.

  7. £349 they just took my oreder :P

  8. I’m on PS+ anyway, and in many ways this is a time for:

    Shut up and take my money!

    OMG $399 too!

  9. So torn now. Don’t want to pay for online, but that price, the consoles, the games, are brilliant…

    • *console

      • As much as I love Sony, after seeing what games they have, the price, the features and carrying on the current trade in policy and with no DRM….you would have to be absolutely nuts to think about buying an Xbox One IMO.

    • But with this online service, you’re getting free games and features on a regular basis.

    • I’d agree…however I want Driveclub…which the PS+ sub covers at what I imagine is the same price as the game anyway so it’s easy, a great way to get people into the plus sub.

      • There’s talk that the PS+ version of Drive Club may not be the full game but it’s a good way to get people to try it.

  10. Haha loved it, I actually laughed. Never miss a chance to pull the piss.

    • Had a good laugh at that too! Good to see a bit of humour from Sony :)

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