Get Banned From XBL, Lose Access To Your Xbox One Library [Updated]

Update: It’s quite astonishing some of the misinformation and confusion which is flooding out of Microsoft’s PR team these days. There’s a puzzling haze over pretty much everything which is being said about the upcoming Xbox One, with the latest being the status of Xbox One games, should you be subject to having your XBL account banned for various misdemeanours.

The original tweet and Jim’s post are preserved below, but we now have something of a retraction from Microsoft, as the Xbox Support team, @XboxSupport1, replied to the inevitable backlash tweets they had stirred up:

So, they weren’t talking about the Xbox One, and instead about the Xbox 360 situation. Except that this isn’t stepping away from the brink, but rather sidestepping the issue for a few days. There’s still the possibility that XBL bans might well result in losing access to your games, but we just don’t know yet.

Can someone get the PR team an all-encompassing fact sheet, for next week?

Pretty please?


The original post:

Even after the initial Xbox One reveal and Microsoft’s stellar E3 press conference, there are still questions about the company’s next-generation console that remain unanswered.

One topic that did receive some closure, however, was that of Xbox Live bans. As we know already the Xbox One requires a daily connection to the internet and games can only be played on the console if the user owns a license.

When asked whether a consumer’s access to their licensed products would be revoked if banned, Xbox Support replied with the following tweet.

So there you have it; involve yourself in any form of online mischief and kiss goodbye to an entire library of games.

Though there are only a minute portion of online users who partake in such activity, what would be the ramifications if users were wrongly/mistakenly banned by Microsoft? Needless to say it’s a slippery slope and only gives savvy consumers another reason to pledge themselves to the PlayStation 4.



  1. This was later confirmed to be pointing the policy for Xbox 360 (presumably digital content)

    but considering Microsoft won’t let you actually buy retail copies of Xbox One game, instead choosing to implement a restrictive licensing business model and discs only exist to distribute digital copies through existing retail channels… it’s almost certain the policy will carry over… and obviously now include those restrictively licensed games from retail

  2. Windows 8 will soon be fixed. That’s one thing going in the right direction for MS.

    • Fixed to the state it should have launched in

    • Have you seen it? If you had, you wouldn’t be calling Windows 8 fixed in any way shape or form. The only people calling it fixed are Microsoft.

      Go Google for pictures of the Windows 8.1 start menu and tell me that’s not just a minor tweak that gives them some PR breathing room….

  3. I wonder how long it will take for people to spoof the online server authentication? Only tends to take a few months for them to do this for PC games with always-on DRM.

    • No doubt each game will pass data to the cloud and expect it back in the way Sim City on Origin did, wouldn’t be hard to make a game fail to run in this way.

      • What about just the 24h check in?

        That there’s a provision for offline play is very liberating to hackers. Some games might require online like SimCity, but for the console as a whole there’s a back door.

    • Apparently Microsoft have told the US military they can use their games anytime,anywhere so long as they just authenticate the games once in the US before leaving for duty.
      This implies that there must be a way around the daily authentification so Microsoft CAN do away with it if they choose to.

      • that’s to do with the region locking though isn’t it?
        the daily authentication is still needed from what i’ve read.

      • Might be, there certainly is a lot of confusion about what’s what .. :/

      • yeah, that’s the only thing you can really say for certain about the x1 policies, that they’re confusing.

  4. The people who were banned for mentioning being homosexual are sure to love this.

    • That sounds like Xbox Live Russia.

    • sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

      getting banned from live might be legally defensible, but if they took away content people had paid for, for reasons like that.
      well, i don’t think any clauses will protect them

  5. I’ve read about people being accidentally banned before, and having to go through endless calls and emails to get it reinstated.

  6. I’ve been reported on Steam, I assume it was a genuine mistake as I got an email saying I was back to ‘In Good Standing’ before I’d even read the report warning. I assume this sort of thing happens all the time, so why do Microsoft insist on setting themselves up with such a massive potential headache by linking the online and ownership portions of XBox Live? There’s a difference between online knob heads and pirates.

  7. good job they’d never ban anybody wrongly then isn’t it?

    oh wait, never mind.

  8. When I was banned (wrongfully) from PSN I had almost 6 years worth of games on my account and I was banned for having an offensive username. The same username that I had for the entirety of that time. Can you seriously imagine having all of those games and content taken away from you for something so trivial that took years for a moderator to flag??

    In my case I was given my account back but with a different username, I lost all of my trophies but at least I got my purchases back and an extended run of PS+ to compensate. With XBL on XBOne that wouldn’t be the case…

    • I’m really pleased you got your account back, well done for sticking with it mate! Hopefully the resetting of trophies wasn’t too much of a loss for you. These digital investments hang so delicately in the balance, I find it so difficult to decide whether or not I like digital ownership.

      • Cheers! Aye the digital download pendulum’s a lot like a scythe…

  9. Annnnnnnnnnnnd as soon as the story his the press, its.. BACKTRACK TIME!!

    César Barroso @amigocesar
    @XboxSupport1 on 360 you can play disc games if banned. won’t be the case on xbox one. You can effectively brick someones console on command
    Xbox Support @XboxSupport1

    @amigocesar We have no info on the Xbox One ban situation. The Tweet that is being referenced was a mistake, it was about Xbox 360. ^CW

  10. Combine that with the new XBox Live reputation system (that would never misinterpret your actions in a game and won’t be abused at all by the totally mature community), and there’ll be a bad surprise for some players. Also what happens if your account gets hacked? Good-bye games collection.

    • It’s all too much of a risk & for what? To assist in some way in Microsoft’s long held goal of living room domination.

      Consumers are ‘customers’ or ‘potential customers’ they’re not pawns in a war to be gatekeeper to all content.

      • The more I read about this the greater the frustration builds
        I work for an american company and their stance on most things is “we know best so just shut up and do what we say”
        I find it staggering that a company that has seen most of its recent products and service flop due to the (I use this term in a sarcy way) wisdom of a few execs and engineers that have lost their ability to understand what their customers actually want

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