Clearing Up Xbox One Game Ownership

It’s getting difficult to keep track of all the twists and turns in the Xbox One PR saga. This time around, Larry Hryb, the man best known as Major Nelson, answered community questions in an interview with Reddit Games’ Chloe Dykstra.

The most pertinent one after yesterday’s confusion comes right in the first minute, with Chloe asking “If someone is banned, whether their fault or not, will they lose access to the games they purchased?” and getting a very strong and assuring, “Absolutely not! You will always have access to the games which you purchase. Absolutely not.” from Major Nelson.


Thankfully, this stands in contrast to the lack of clarity from the Xbox Support twitter account yesterday, as they quickly tried to clear up the mess which they found themselves in.

So that’s one point nicely wrapped up. Next confusing scandal, please.



  1. Well I always believe a man with dead possum on his head.

    • Or is a doff of the hat to Mario 3 with the racoon pelt on his head?

      • Sorry as well doff the cap wasn’t meant as a pun.

    • I think it is just sleeping.

    • By giving both answers to all the awkward questions of late, Xbox fanboys will believe the better answer, buy the console and then Microsoft can revert to THEIR better answer.

      Best of both worlds.

  2. Who laughed when he said “We designed the system for flexibility”?

    • I’m still wiping the coffee off my laptop ;o

  3. With everything Microsoft PR have been doing with the Xbone release, its hard to believe what anybody says, no matter the position they hold at microsoft. Next thing you know someone else will say something completely different to what Larry Hryb has just said.

    I don’t think Xbox have ever heard of a thing called meetings….

  4. 24 hour check in to keep your game library up to date, My PS3’s library is up to date without checking in every day.
    More good news from MS on twitter: yes you can sell your X1 “if you ever feel the need to do so”.
    When it looks better for the X1 Amazon puts them down again, they closed their poll early as it was getting a bit embarrassing for MS. 38984 votes in favor of the PlayStation 4 with only 2162 votes in favour of the Xbox One, that’s about 94.7% for Sony.

  5. This flow chart clears what you can do with your licensed retail games.

  6. @majornelson = complete fool. Come on. How can you be taken seriously wearing that [email protected]

  7. So many conflicting statements coming from the Microsoft camp! Why is he wearing that hat?! Also, Chloe looks like Michael Jackson.

  8. He is getting far too close to her in that video..
    Bit creepy

  9. I would not be surprised if that was his comfort blanket ;)

  10. I’ve watched movies on my PS3 from a USB stick, and it is incredibly annoying to have PSN message notifications popping up, it really distracts from the Movie. Apparently, according to this guy – it’s exactly the sort of thing MS thinks is excellent. And can you imagine trying to play a game with a PIP TV in the corner?

    I just don’t get any of this…

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