Microsoft Exec Says “In The Long Run, Our Console Will Win”

Yusuf Mehdi, who you might recall from the Xbox One reveal event and last week’s Xbox Media Briefing at E3, has spoken to a Spanish newspaper. It’s a little tricky to be sure of what he’s saying, but Google Translate does a good enough job to catch the gist and a user on NeoGAF has smoothed out the most pertinent points even further.

Basically, though, Mehdi seems to concede that Sony “won” E3 (for whatever that means). He’s not giving up the war though, adamant that “in the long run, our console will win.”

When pressed on whether the restrictive 24-hour check in was a little excessive, Mehdi insisted that it wasn’t. “It is a mere connection to check who the user is and what is in your account. It doesn´t require a powerful connection. Just use a mobile for the check.” That statement seems to assume that you have a data-connected mobile (and ignores the list of countries that aren’t supported by the console at all).

It’s odd to see Microsoft representatives repeatedly make statements that seem aloof or uncaring while most of their critical reception has been scathing. Mehdi’s claim that they showed 20 games and 17 of them were Xbox One console exclusives doesn’t exactly leap out as a fair representation, either. Even writing off the ones that are also coming to PC and/or Xbox 360, that number seems high.

They’re probably counting Minecraft Xbox One Edition but I’m still struggling to think of more than a handful of exclusives and I was in the room when they showed them. So, either they’ve made that number up or there’s a dozen console exclusives that have simply passed by me, despite being involved in the industry and at the Media Briefing. That’s a problem, either way, isn’t it?

Mehdi makes a valid point though, next generation will be decided by the consumers. By the way, did you see that CVG Poll this morning that said 71 per cent of their readers were getting a PS4, in comparison to 14 per cent getting an Xbox One (5 per cent said both). Consumers, eh?

Source: El Pais translations via NeoGAF



  1. I suppose it is the same thing in Jaws where we are told that there be Sharks in that there water and still trying to say that swimming was a good idea when one leg has been bitten off…..

  2. Microsoft are so far out of touch with what the consumer wants. All they see is total control. I’m actually at the stage now where if they said tomorrow that they are removing the restrictive DRM I still wouldn’t purchase one and I brought the original xbox and 360 at launch.

  3. Nice to see the band is still playing. Although that didn’t help the Titanic much either …

  4. How can 24h check in not be an exaggeration? Do we need a check in now? No.
    I buy a machine, i am it’s master and commander, i choose who is the user on it and who isn’t, not MS.

  5. “It is a mere connection to check who the user is and what is in your account. It doesn´t require a powerful connection. Just use a mobile for the check.”
    “Look, we won’t need pints of your blood, just a quick swab of your DNA … you might feel a prick..”

  6. He has to live in hope as MS has never won a console generation war against Sony (or Ninty) and I don’t think it’ll be third time lucky.

  7. Microsoft Exec Says “In The Long Run, Our Console Will Win” Why because of the ‘TV’ features??? Hmm + I can’t see why SONY’s PS4 won’t be around for the long run to MS??? You know how SONY loves their 10 year Console plans :D + The way they talk they are saying SONY’s PS4 isn’t here for the long run??? Hmm it is.
    “Our Console Will Win” What like the Xbox 360 won??? Erm that is in 3rd place now in Worldwide Sales LoL:D

    • I think you’re running out of leeway with regard to how you express yourself on here.

      Please get a grip with how to write in a legible, grammatically correct fashion.

      • I’ve noticed JBoo’s comments lately, man so many question marks, plus signs and capitals!

      • Lol JBoo’s comments are harsh on your eyes but I don’t think English is their first language.

        But lol at Teflon getting annoyed.

      • I don’t see the issue, sure, its expressed in a fanboy’ish way, but what he is saying is usually true.

    • The TV features….

      Hmm, I have been able to access TV features, web TV, Freesat PVR and satellite TV (RTL for F1) for years on my PS3.

      Nice to see Microsoft catching up.

      • The TV stuff is stupid. Who wants to watch TV and game at the same time? That’s just the same as the PIP feature on TV’s. It should really be TV manufacturers job to implement a console working directly with the TV eg Sony’s Bravias and PS4 instead of trying to run Sky though the Xbox just so you can get a XBL notification whilst watching Sky.
        Also connecting stuff to Xbone would get rid of 5.1 surround sound due to HDMI copy right issues or something.

    • I thought for a moment I was the only one who’s jboo(s) comments we’re harsh on the eyes.

  8. Dig yourselves deeper, MS.
    The only way you’ll have more of these things out there is by giving them away on Oprah and through Dorito’s contests.

    • Well they’ve already shown the big guns with a Doritos AND Mountain Dew promotion. That’s just loco!!!

      Will undoubtably still count those as “sales” though …

  9. I’m afraid you ain’t winning shit, pal.

    Apart from maybe – as part of a group with the rest of the MS suits – winning the award for the worlds worst PR. Seriously, I’ve not seen a public trainwreck be this bad in a hell of a long time. The Xbox One seems to be the deformed demon child between Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes. In terms of public image that is.

    • I had to look up who Amanda Byrnes is. If Google picked out the right one (I’m presuming that there are more than one ‘Amanda Byrnes’ in the world) then, hmmm.

      • Amanda Bynes. She used to host ‘The Amanda Show’ on Nickelodean when she was younger. Another child star who is now taking every drug under the son and making a public mockery of themselves.

  10. Yusuf, you are in need of a check up from the neck up!

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