Black Ops II’s Third DLC ‘Vengeance’ Detailed

Vengeance is coming to Black Ops II. It’ll arrive first on Xbox Live on the second of July, presumably coming to PS3 and PC one month later due to Microsoft’s timed exclusivity deal.

The DLC pack features four new maps – Cove, Detour, Rush and Uplink – which range from a rocky outpost on an island to a small paintball arena.


There will also be an all new Zombies experience which pits players against the monsters in an Old West town set underground, along with an evolution of the Zombie-killing Ray Gun, dubbed Ray Gun Mark II.

This information was announced via the video below, which has even more details about this new DLC.



  1. Meh. I’m kind of dried up on Black Ops II now. I just want to see COD: Ghosts multiplayer gameplay. Though I feel like I can’t look at a multiplayer FPS the same anymore since I’ve seen the BF4 gameplay. That just looks like the pinnacle of multiplayer FPS for me.

    • I’m a huge COD fan but, yup, same. Dat Skyscraper….

  2. Who still buys this stuff? I enjoyed CoD up to MW2 then it felt exactly the same every year since. I’m sure there’s people who’ve bought every game and all the DLC but surely they realise its just the same thing but you turn the toggles in different directions?

  3. The last dlc was good. This looks a bit dry tbh, except for the zombies bit. Hardly worth £12 though.

  4. CoD is just not worth the money anymore. All my friends hardly ever play it anymore.

  5. I’ve always enjoyed COD not as much as some people i know all they play really is COD, but even im not playing it like i use to i like to vary my diet.

  6. I’m really, really, really sick of COD. In fact I couldn’t be more sick of it even if I worked in a chippy. The fact its present in every ‘next’ generation is getting more and more tedious. Admittingly FIFA’s bee around forever but thats a different ball game (excuse the pun) and at least they improve and change the physics engines etc

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