Sony Shows Off Thief With Producer And PS4’s VP of Hardware Marketing

While out at E3, I got the chance to see Thief in a tiny little theatre demonstration from Square Enix. Today, just as I was readying my notes to write up something for you all, Sony has released a very similar video that shows how the stealth works.

The half hour video doesn’t feature the same section of the game they showed us, that had more thievery and a fiery escape across a bridge that was collapsing around Garrett as he fled with his pocket full of ill-gotten-gains. It shows off ten minutes of gameplay that demonstrates the stealth mechanics and variety of weaponry at your disposal, before interviews with the game’s producer and PlayStation’s VP of Hardware Marketing on how Thief and PS4 are a great match.



  1. Cannot wait for this game… Deadly shadows was one of my highlights of last gen.

    • I have no real history with the series but what I saw was mightily impressive. The stealth looks good and the deforming landscape as the bridge collapsed during the escape phase was obviously a bit scripted but impressive anyway.

      • This was just about the only non-point and click I actually played on the PC. Really pleased that this is looking good.

      • I have very strong memories of playing this as a kid on the PC…

        Going around whacking people with a blackjack and then carefully arranging their bodies in dark corners of the room… Hours of good clean wholesome fun….

    • I agree. The stealth in Deadly Shadows was one of the best handled examples of the last generation, particularly in how your toolset enabled you to affect the environment around you. I can’t wait to see how this formula is applied to next gen consoles.

  2. Ah man it’s

    • Sorry about this my iPhone lately every time I comment on here the box keeps moving and I end pressing post comment.

      Anyway this game is first person view ah that sucks

      • 3rd person for climbing and such – like Deus Ex.

  3. Looks really good, the new focus feature looks like a nice addition, although I’m sure it will be disabled on higher difficulties.

  4. Watched this last night, looks quite promising. I haven’t played the originals but i’ve enjoyed Dishonored and this looks similar in some respects, although i’m sure it has plenty of it’s own tricks.

  5. Really reminds me of dishonored

  6. Looks quite good

  7. Aye, I agree. It’s looking like an excellent addition to the PS4’s growing catalogue of games.

  8. @thesixthaxis

    Why ‘playstation’ articles showing an Microsoft/XBox ring like banner?
    (xbox colors, xbox rings etc..)

    • Ha! Good point, fella. This one must’ve been tagged incorrectly and is now showing the colours of the enemy! *paints on little moustache* :-)

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