WeView: BioShock Infinite

With the recently released The Last of Us being touted as game of the year and everyone seemingly forgetting about the other games in the running, I’ve decided to jog all of your memories about one of them: the incredible, now three month old BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite was a breath of fresh air, surpassing the original in almost every way: Columbia not only mirrored Rapture but bettered it too, with the religious ideologies of Comstock both paralleling and opposing Ryan’s own philosophy in a way only Ken Levine could craft.

The world of Infinite is truly incredible and one I’ll surely revisit year after year, as I do with Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule and Portal 2’s Aperture Laboratories. It’s one of the best games of this generation, in my opinion, along with Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and the aforementioned Portal 2.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a big fan of Infinite and I think the game’s 94 score on Metacritic is fully justified. I couldn’t really fault it in my review either, giving it the highest acclaim and a 10/10 rating, summing it all up by saying:

And then I realise aside from some superficial issues, there’s really nothing wrong with the game at all – it’s better than BioShock ever was; it’s fully realised and complete. It’s so, so near perfect and the first words Booker hear when he steps into the land of Columbia reflect my thoughts entirely:

“It’s heaven – or as close as we’ll see until judgement day.”

There’s really no way I could’ve given it any less than a 10/10 if I’m honest – I’ll often look back on reviews and think “I was wrong about that” but looking back at this, I’m confident with my conclusion.

I can’t think of much more to say about Infinite, without sprawling on about how excellent it is, from the story to the world to the characters to even the extremely fun gameplay, utilising tears and skyhooks for one of the most satisfying first person experiences I’ve ever had.

Anyway, enough talking about myself (I have to – no one else wrote about it!) and let’s talk about you – it’s your turn to get your voice heard. Simply write a short review of the game in the comments below and we’ll round them up into the Verdict article next week if you manage to get it done before Sunday afternoon.

Don’t forget to add a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end so we can collate the results. I’ll be really interested to see if anyone tells you to ‘avoid’ this masterpiece.



  1. An enjoyable game but nowhere near as ground-breaking as the bulk of reviewers have made it out to be. The shooting feels loose and clumsy, and the whole game just doesn’t seem to have the great pace seen in Bioshock1.
    Colombia is certainly a decent place for a one-time visit, but the world of Rapture will always have a larger place in my heart. RENT IT

  2. Infinite was a bit of a let down. The controls are as good as ever but the atmosphere of Rapture is a massive loss.

    Despite finding Elizabeth annoying my main issue is that gameplay lacks variation. It’s basically run here, shoot here, run here, shoot here. Using the rails is fun but not used enough or imaginatively enough.

    For me Infinite lost everything from Bioshock that made the game interesting and unique. The less said about the ending the better. It feels a bit like a watered down Bioshock (but without the water of Bioshock).

    It might seem like I’m bashing it but really it just disappointed me because the expectations were so high. It’s still a good game you just might find something more interesting elsewhere. There’s no good reason to keep the game once it’s finished so for me I’d say RENT IT.

  3. To be honest, I bought BSI on the strength of the reviews I had read for it, but as I played through the game I found myself just wanting it to be all over as soon as possible as I really didn’t enjoy the game that much, I can’t fault the production values but for me it just didn’t have the ‘fun’ element I was expecting playing it.

    • ^^ This. Got very bored by about half way thorough and it was such a slog to get to the end. The Last Of Us suffers from the same problem, making a game last ten hours is all well and good, but ten hours of the same thing is not.

      • Oh and Rent it if your are a sadist.

  4. Bioshock Infinite was no doubt a great game. I’m playing The Last Of Us straight off the back of BI and think it’s a much stronger game, however. Bioshock had an enchanting story and one of the most original settings to grace our medium but the gameplay was nothing new. Just looking at it, The Last Of Us /should/ feel like the million other third person shooter/action games but it doesn’t. It’s completely unique; when playing I have to remind onlookers that a good majority of the enemy encounters aren’t scripted, that’s how seamless gameplay is.

    • Infinite certainly takes the edge in terms of soundtrack however. The first track you hear upon reaching Colombia is still magical to behold and the other cameos are great.

    • As you mentioned scripted fights … Playing TLoU last night, at one point i finished an enemy (not infected) off and as he fell towards the ground the screen froze and “Loading” popped up for about twenty seconds before it unfroze and the enemy completed his fall to the ground. I thought it was a bit odd to have a load in the middle of a fight.

  5. Personally I really enjoyed this game. I found the setting superb and really enjoyable to explore. The story was interesting but some areas let it down – like the vox populi (Though I loved the ending, despite seeing it coming). Also a huge annoyance is how the enemies start sucking up bullets to the head later in the game making some fights just a grind to go though.

    I’d say a buy it for the Barbershop Quartet version of God Only Knows, the game being good is just a bonus.

  6. I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, it was definitely deserving of a high score but it didn’t quite blow me away. I just could not warm to the main character (whose name i’ve already forgotten) and also the racism didn’t sit well with me but i really enjoyed all the music in the game and some of the moments with Elizabeth were quite sweet.

    Gameplay-wise i found it pretty solid and the powers were cool although at times it felt like i had more powers than i would ever use. I thought the story was far too convoluted to enjoy without getting a headache – possibly a bit too clever on their part but i can’t knock them for trying.

    • Oops forgot to say – BUY IT!:)

  7. I think BI was highly enjoyable. Unlike many others, I had no real problem with the shooting mechanics. I never played the original Bioshock, so I have no point of comparison, but I think the combination of guns and vigors made combat quite entertaining. I did have issues with the story though. I think it was strongest when it dealt with themes such as race and religion, but I began to lose interest when it became concerned with all that alternate universe mumbojumbo. The major ‘revelation’ at the end didn’t really have any impact on me, partly because Infamous already pulled that trick in 2009.

    • Oh, I’ll give it a buy-it!

    • That Infamous moment was probably my favourite this gen as I didn’t even remotely see it coming.

  8. Good game, gameplay wasn’t really refreshed felt samey same from Bio1. Elizabeth thou

    • Elizabeth was the best partner you could ask for, it was fun most times but got dull as you progress & the ending didn’t help the game either. To thi

      • To this day I don’t get the ending. Bargain bin it

  9. I’m surprised to see so many mixed opinions on this one.
    Anyhow I thought it was wonderful. I often play back the last chapter just to relive the ending time and time again. It’s just so well imagined.
    Playing it at low quality on PC didn’t really detract from my experience either. Visually Colombia is stunning. The first steps in the city really blew me away, it was all so lavish, friendly and it felt like there was a community, but you still had that sense something dark was at work here. Despite the magnificence of the city I always felt on edge.
    I had a lot of fun with the combat too. Each area opened up allowing you to fly around with the skylines and open up tears to aid you in battle. I thought that two guns were slightly overpowered though.
    As for Elizabeth, she really made the game. So innocent and beautiful yet so powerful, and the possibility for destruction. She also came in handy in combat.

    Deserved the 10/10 and high reviews all round for me. Clear BUY IT. This and The Last Of Us have been 2013’s best games without a doubt.

    • It’s interesting to note the comparisons between Ellie and Elizabeth. Like you said, Elizabeth is a compelling character, but without spoiling anything, she never quite develops in the way Ellie does. Plus, Ellie has a sense of humour, which makes her more relatable than Elizabeth.

      • I was going to compare the two but then I thought what you have to remember is that it’s two completely different situations. Elizabeth didn’t have to adapt in the way Ellie had to.

  10. I had never played a Bioshock game as they had never appealed to me but I saw how great the reviews were for Infinite and I decided to buy it (on PC). Firstly, wow at the graphics. The lighting was hugely impressive. The atmosphere was brilliant and the character Elizabeth was fantastic. I never came across a moment where I felt all I was doing was shooting as I was also exploring everywhere, I think it took me 16-18 hours to complete in fact because I was exploring. But despite those parts being fantastic, to me, that’s not the main part of Infinite that stood out to me.

    I love games that tell me a story (which is why I’m such a big Metal Gear fan) and Infinite told me one of the best stories in one of the best ways that I’ve ever been told. Being able to play through a proper story and see revolutions arise, revolutions fall, possible futures, alternate worlds etc while playing through it as the main character of the story was brilliant and it stands out as one of my top games of all time in that department.

    BUY IT.

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